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Found 181 results

  1. Greetings from Australia

    Hello all, I am NeonPuffin, ex-Garry's Mod addict, have administrated in many RolePlay communities and moderated some Altis Life servers in ArmA 3, when I saw the Kickstarter for Identity I really went for that backer button because I saw promise and I genuinely want a game much like this, offering the most immersive roleplay experience possible in a video game while still maintaining a level of fun. I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of this community. Mind my enthusiasm. I am quite formal sometimes but I am also quite friendly, I love to meet new people and have genuine fun with them, feeling connected even though we're so distant however most of all I love to be productive and feel like I am making a difference to whatever it is I am attempting to affect. You can add me on skype using this username, puffinpuffington. Also, I make a damn fine potato salad. Kind Regards, Neon
  2. Hi guys! I was so happy when I got your mail! I am so looking forward to this awesome game. I backed it on Kickstarter the second I saw it and am patiently waiting and stalking you on identitys FB page, liking every new photo, post, anyhing and everything. So again, very excited to be here and to be a part of this awesome project! Cheers! This was the welcoming part. Feel free to stop there. Here is something longer about my roleplay gaming experiences. Probably nobody is gonna be interested in that, but still. Can't hurt, right Roleplay gaming history: Used to play alot of roleplay DayZ (about a year), then got addicted on Amarok servers of Altis Life (Arma 3 Roleplay mod) (about half a year), then played a little on Asylum servers aswell. Then played a little Arma 3 Life. Tried some H1Z1, but 98% of people did not even try to roleplay. I spent most of my RP gaming on amazing Amarok, which was glorious. From my year or so playing DayZ I learned that like money, loot is, was and will be (lost ) again. You loot some, kill some, die, repeat. After a month, that was not for me anymore. All I did was I met people and talked to them, creating unique interactions. Some deserved to be killed, some to be helped. It heavily depended on my mood and on behavior of others. The point is I did not loot and loot and loot. I seized opportunities to create friends and enemies. All while roleplaying, having fun and enjoying every bit of it. In Altis life on Amarok, I spent most time by doing what some players would consider wasting time, and others would consider it "the true enjoying of roleplay". Basicaly, I did not even try to earn any money. I just stayed in the middle of Kavala (main city) and talked to people. There were some kidnapings, some murders, some robberies, some arguing with cops, some honest earning money with random people. I just walked the path that was suddenly set before me by my mood and other's. Someone kidnaped me? I played along and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed every second of Altis. So yeah, I am pretty hyped for Identity. I backed it on kickstarter the moment I found it, thanks to some random dude on Amarok Gaming who told me about it.
  3. Create Your Identity

    So I remember this sort of post on the old forums but I haven't seen it on the new version (but correct me if i'm wrong). Also I wasn't sure if this should be in the Pub or in the town square (feel free to move it if necessary) but it's in town square for now. Feel free to insert images and photos depicting details Here are the details you can fill out for your RP character Name: Age: From (City, Country): Appearance (Body, Face): Attire: Job: Detail of House: Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Personality: Background:
  4. Hiiiiii, I was wondering if you planning on releasing any new screenshots of Town Square or a small teaser video, just so, yanno... To keep us on our toes I'm still watching that progress bar for Town Square as well. I think its bugged! Its still on 55% I'm going bed, Cheers! @Motown
  5. What is your Account ID?

    Was you one of the first new borns on this website? What is your Account ID? Account ID 16 Check Yours By Using This Link: Can't wait to interact with you guys.
  6. Hello, I was wondering about how our kick-starter accounts/status/rewards will be connected to our accounts on this new website. Also will there be any implementation of rewards in the modules?