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Found 58 results

  1. In-game Community Boards

    Hi all, I had the idea that boards can be placed around in certain locations in the game which could be called "Community Boards". The idea of Community Boards would be so that players can interact with these boards and see the latest news and announcements which are made (especially useful for private RP servers). Moderators/Admins can submit articles to be placed on community boards and the boards can be split into IC and OOC sections. OOC sections would contain updates to the server for example and IC sections could be latest news that has happened in-game such as: "Male killed in car crash outside City Hall" (for example). Community Boards could also have extended sections for example: In the IC section, their could be Job Advert section and a general advert section so that people who are employing can advertise their job or people who are offering their job service to the community can advertise there. They might or might not need to pay for this (up to admins). Let me know what you think of the idea!
  2. IDEA

    Hello, I offer you ideas: 1) how to become a rapper realties, to create their own group or to become a rock star. 2) Enchant Weapon. 3) Ability to travel across continents or islands. 4) Ability to create a virus or illness (as a computer virus) Let's character became a scientist and made a new virus. 4) The ability to join a secret organization realties (military or gang) 5) This idea is likely to be too fantastic but suddenly, the opportunity to make a cybernetic arm or leg it well, and so on. 6) add to the game a variety of sensitive buildings or bunkers. That is that these are my ideas, if something else come up with the write.
  3. For my opinion the graffiti element will looks good for gangsters or some vandal guys :). The hacking element good for hack some people phones \ homes \ army \ goverment and more. that closed with smart computer or something elise and stole files money and things like this. The parkour \ freerun element for more funny\cool gameplay and escape from police with style ;)
  4. Phone apps

    @Motown What if in game, there is a phone, which i assume you are already doing, but a big thing that would be cool, is if you could get your messages from this forum, while in game. GREAT IDEA!
  5. Death and respawn

    I think that if you died in the game you will respawn in a hospital and other players that working in a hospital will care of you. The recovery time will take like a 10Min and if you dont want to wait maybe you will receive a prescription for recovery out of hospital.
  6. Art and Galleries

    I am curious to how in depth the art would be. I seen that you can paint pictures for your homes (shown in clip). I would love to be able to sell art pieces for others to purchase. Making this into a career someone could possibly do. A great way to get the pictures out there is by having Art Galleries that people can make bids on. After so long, The art piece will be sold and given to the new owner. I feel this would be a great way to incorporate peoples skills/talents they have to help those decorate their homes... who want pictures but can't paint...
  7. I'd like to see some changeable aspects of the police vehicles which could be set up on individual servers by their owners. A server wide Police colour scheme for patrol vehicles, SWAT etc. Like Blue/White, Black/White, full Black, full White etc. Local emergency numbers on the side, even though the Identity Island is based in the Eastern USA I'd still like to see 000 (Australia's emergency number) rather then 911. That's just my preference though. Individual numbers on the top's of police vehicles, so when I drive my police car around town I know my patrol car's number and the Air Wing can help direct me in pursuits, just like in real life. Cheers guys!
  8. So I was thinking it might be kinda hard to start up a new company for some people when there might already is a ton of other carpenters out there. Or you might just be a company that wants to tell the world about the fantastic offer you have on fertilizer. Maybe it would be a idea to have signs, road signs, posters, elektronik posters etc spread around the huge Identity world. You would then be able to rent one of these for a chosen period. Then there's 2 ways of making the image you want up. 1.: Ingame program for simple text and boxes.. or 2.: you upload a picture you made. Either way you would probably need some kind of moderation of it so you dont end up with 10 posters of dicks. But there's probably some devs out there that knows how this could be implemented best. This way you would still be able to show the world your company when you are not online and let people know of what you do unique. What do you all think?