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Found 72 results

  1. I know silly question but im wondering what the benefit of the rusty car is on the $50 pre-order package will we have the option to repair it and will it be like some rare sports car because if it is just a basic hatchback or sedan then it doesn't seem worth the extra cash additionally how much will cars cost, will it be around $25,000 for a good car and if so will the money be done realistically
  2. Car clamps

    Greetings, all. So basically I had this idea.. adding car clamps for Police officers to apply onto someone's car. If you are unsure what a car clamp is: I could not find any other suggestions for this. Thoughts?
  3. Dart Automotive Dealership

    Here at Dart Automotive Dealership we are a modest dealership who sell used and new cars. Right now, the economy is low with many people jobless but as our economy grows we do expect to evolve, acquire and sell nicer automobiles. We offer full payment of cars right away and monthly payments. We do hope to receive those payments from our customers to create trust in our brand. People who have purchased automobiles from us can come in and use our state of the art workshop to fix or modify their vehicle. When Identity is open to all, please come to Dart Automotive Dealership. CEO - Joe Dart CFO - AVAILABLE Manager- Henry Coplan Repossession - AVAILABLE Repossession - AVAILABLE Whenever people are significantly late to make their payments on their car we send out employed individuals to bring the car back to the dealership. Mechanic - AVAILABLE When paying customers come into the dealership and would like repairs or a modification added to their vehicle our trusted mechanic will repair the vehicle Salesman - AVAILABLE The main part of our business. Our salesman are the face of the Dart brand and are responsible for selling our automobiles Salesman - AVAILABLE Message me on steam concerning job applications or any questions about Dart Automotive Dealership. APPLICATION Please List the Following: Age Timezone Previous RP Games Wanted Position Add on Steam
  4. Tickets/traffic violations like if you go past a police officer going fast and or running a red light or a stop sign he can pull you over and ask for you id or maybe insurance (you could all so use insurance if you git in to a car accident or someone steals your car) and he can ticket you or let you go when you git a ticket you go to the court and have to pay it and if you don't you can git a warrant out for your arrest this way the players that want to be officers can have more to do or if an officer see you with a gun out he can pull you over and see if the gun is yours or stolen and if its you he can ticket you for brandishing it would make the ones that want to be officers have more to do and be more realistic I'd like to see this put in the game.
  5. I know that the developers have told us about how in-depth the driving system will be and how you can race on the streets and tracks of Identity, but besides being an opportunity to have fun and show off your ride, what else is there to it? Driving is one of my favorite aspects of gaming, and in Identity, I would like to get paid for it (in the game currency, not real currency). A professional racing career would allow players to get paid for racing on the tracks or cleared streets of Identity. Fans could pay for tickets or watch on T.V.s to see these races. As a bonus, these racers would get access to exclusive racing cars that wouldn't be purchasable anywhere else in Identity. This could also be a great opportunity for companies to get awareness since they would be able to sponsor these racers. The illegal racing career would be the "high risk, high reward" version of professional racing. The racers in this career wouldn't get access to the exclusive cars or get sponsored, and would have to race on the streets of Identity while regular players are driving as well. This would result with the cops chasing the racers because they put innocent citizens of Identity in danger. The upsides to this career is that you would get access to illegal parts that you could put on your car, and if you won a race, the winnings would be much higher than a professional race. I could see this career being a way to settle disputes between rival gangs. So what do you guys think: would you be a professional or illegal racer? I would really like to hear your thoughts.
  6. Mechanic Career

    I don't know if this has been answered yet, but will there be a mechanic career? I know it seems kind of minor, but what will happen if a player crashes their car? Will they just pay amount of money and the car will instantly be fixed? A mechanic career could fix that problem by providing a chance for another player to earn some money. It seems more realistic to me. Also, what if you want to personalize your car? Not everyone will have the experience or materials, so this could also be another chance for a player to earn a little more money.
  7. Driver license

    It would be cool if players who want to buy a car would need to take a driver license before they could buy one
  8. Car dealer

    I´m new here and haven´t read all the topics, but It would be very nice if you could become a car dealer in identity.
  9. When we saw the trailer we didn't hear much about vehicles , if there where going to be any air vehicles. we did notice the boat the flashed on a couple of times on the trailer but that's it. Will we expect helicopters for paramedics? or cargo planes? These would be very useful and would make the game twice as immersive .I'm hyped for the game more than anyone already since i cant get enough of arma life , and i have high expectations for this game and that it will surpass the problems that arma life has,like rdm.
  10. The Royals Car Club

    The Royals Car Club The Royals car club is dedicated to bring you the best experience while driving the best hot rods in the valley. We aren't associated with drugs, violence, and guns, but a couple of beers are always at our car meets! Join us to cruise your way down the highway with a couple other mates and a couple of mean, hard looking hot rods, all while jamming some sweet ass 50's and 60's tunes. Now joining is really easy, just get your hot rod, and prove to us that you can follow our code to keep nice, non - crazy punks on the road. And the rules are super simple. Rules: Joining is invite only, Another member of the club must recommend somebody that wants to join. this process is simple. It goes by quick. No tailgating, Only a Guido tailgates on a two lane highway A sticker must be present on all members cars, evan if its under the hood, Be mindful that you are always representing The Royals. If you have two cars, one for regular and one for the club, the regular, every day car does not have to have a decal. All members are required to obey all laws of the road, accept when we have meets. Those meets will have illegal drag racing. No street racing. Do not endanger innocent people, have common courtesy and don't be a wiseguy! Ranks: The King: Leader of the club The Grand Duke: The Grand Duke supervises all car meets and supervises all lower members. He is also responsible for keeping good manner in all members, and notifying the King about new recruits. He attends every business meeting. Dukes: The Dukes set up all meets. They estimate how many people are going, Where to have it, and what to get for food and drinks. Also, they are responsible for getting the beer, a big - big responsibility. Their are multiple Dukes in the club. (2 - 3) They also go to all business meetings. Knights: Drivers of the club. They go to almost every meet, show, cruise and cook out. They hang around, work on cars and drink beer! They cruise around with mates and just have fun. Were all hear to just have a good time and Drive cool cars. Patches: Here I will show some pictures and explain about the different types of patches you can earn for respect. Every patch on a drivers jacket has a meaning. 1. The STP patch To earn this patch means you've won your first drag race. 2. The K&N patch To earn this patch means you've won 10 drag races. 3. The Woodpecker Patch To earn the woodpecker patch means you've won 30 drag races 4. The Double Checkered flag patch To earn this patch means you've won 50 races 5. The 8-Ball patch The 8 ball patch means you've won 100 drag races You're a legend in the club! 6. The Lucky 13 Patch The Lucky 13 patch means you've been to every car meet for 1 year 7. The Don't Tread On Me Patch To earn the don't tread on me patch means you've been pulled over by the cops multiple times. Usually 5 - 10 times for speeding, And haven't gone to jail. The don't tread on me patch is extremely hard to get. DO NOT take this patch as some sort of "badass" mark. We are not a motorcycle gang. These are not given out like candy. 8. The R patch The R patch is given to anyone who has been apart of the club sense day one. All the old timers have this patch. If you see anyone with this, they are to be deeply respected. 9. The Ferrari Racing Patch The Ferrari Racing Patch is given to any driver or drivers who have done a quarter mile drag race in under 10 seconds. The men and women who have earned this patch are some of the fastest in the club. More patches might come in time. Like the 500,000 mile patch and the Million mile patch. The royals Car Club Jacket (Pictures to come) Some cars Identity will hopefully ad into the game: but if not, I heard they will be adding muscle cars. So still cool! Thanks for the time! VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! The king of the club is also the boss of the Santarelli crime family, But both organizations will have no relation to each other at all. Some members of the family will be apart of the club, but will be treated as knights, and will be treated the same as any other knight in the club. They will earn the same patches, and drink the same beer. More updates on car meets to come! ~Luca Santarelli~ Royals CC king Santarelli Family Boss
  11. Car Club Jackets

    Hey, I would like to add a suggestion that I think should be added to the game, And possibly easy to do. (but i'm not sure) Car Club Jackets ~ Thanks ~Luca

    Constantly I'm seeing threads from new citizens who are asking if there will be functional vehicles in the game and everything is really scattered. As the Street captain of Underground Racing, I will archive all the threads which will answer questions or suggestions concerning vehicles in this thread only. Feel free to discuss anything around the vehicles implemented in the game. -SilberDrachen893, Elexis Karina @ Underground Racing
  13. Steering Wheels

    They are going for a realistic driving model and my correct? if so, they probably already promised this, but will the game have Wheel support? I would love to be able to use my Logitech Driving Force GT in game. It would immerse me even more into this already realistic game.
  14. Car Constructon

    I Read About The Guy Who Made It, And he Said That "Everything Will be Conducted By PLAYERS." We Need To Try And Imagine What It Would be Like To Work here, And What Your Paycheck Would Be. Any Bright Ideas? I NEVER Get Bright Ideas. Good Luck!
  15. Selling & Flipping Cars/Car Theft

    My favorite thing to do in games is to steal a nice car off the street and go on a joyride, then flip them for money. My question is, are there going to be any tools in identity that make breaking and entering cars (and other things) easier and/or quicker than just punching the window in? Like a lock-pick kit? And will we be limited to how many cars we can sell? GTA restricts you from selling more than 1 car every 40 something minutes, and you are only able to sell vehicles worth under $80,000, which is sort of unrealistic and a waste of time. I'd like to see an unrestricted, fair means of selling cars for profit. What do you guys think? Also, i really hope that when you commit a crime in Identity, and you're miles away from anyone else, that you don't automatically become wanted... If a bear craps in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, it DOES make a sound. However, that crap DOES NOT set off a Nation-wide alarm.
  16. Car Customisation Queries

    Can you do engine swaps? That's where you take the engine out of one car and you put it in another car. Can you adjust tyre width? Can you tune a car? What cars have been confirmed in the game?
  17. Criminal Chop Shops

    CHOP SHOPS Just a suggestion, but they should be added. In case anyone needs some knowledge of what this is: What Are Chop Shops? Chop shops are illegal garages that buy stolen cars, disassemble them, and sell their individual parts for profit. To avoid being caught, criminals disassemble a car within hours of stealing it. That way, the owner and the police will never be able to find it. Since they are running an illegal business, the people operating chop shops try to be as inconspicuous as possible. They are hidden away in residential garages and small commercial spaces that do not draw attention. Chop shops rarely work independently; they are usually part of large criminal organizations. Just a suggestion...
  18. What do you think of making an airport with Real flight schools where you have to gane a licence to fly or cruise around or legal fishing and a flight agency where you can learn how to be a pilot and simulate flying over to different airports around the Identity world, let's say you open up a little land where you can only access by private small planes and yachts and big boats. small tourist land where you go to shop and host legal fishing competitions, big beach parties. rent villas on the beach , something like Saint Tropez,ibiza,etc.. someplace where you will have to work hard to get there, become a millionaire and buy your own private plane,contrat a pilot that has different licenses like for transporting you on teresteral and water vehiculs and also be a bodyguard. so many open ideas for this project.
  19. Car tuning

    So I know you can customize cars but I know a few friends who love cars too much to just settle for aesthetic features. What if I want to make my car a drift spec? Or a drag car? Could I do that to some extent? For example for a drift spec just get a RWD car and upgrade the torque to shit so that it slides everywhere? For a drag car just get some tires that have super traction and upgrade the horse power?
  20. About Driving Cars ingame

    Hi community. I wanna know if it's possible to know how it will be the driving in the game. Do we need to do some drive tests before getting a driving license? In the roads we will drive like we want or we have speedlimits, signals to follow and do we need to stop on the traffic lights? I may have some more questions but this ones will clarify the others.
  21. Illegally parked cars

    So we all know cars that have been left by their owners is a b***h that's why I was wondering if there is gonna be a way to get rid of them. It would be great if the police had a way to temporarily lock a vehicle so that a towing company could be contacted and come to get the vehicle. This could be used in different situations suits as a normal illegally parked vehicle or in a case when a officer has caught a speeder and he is not allowed to drive anymore. The towing company will then get a payment when the owner of the vehicle retrieves it and the police will have a easy and effective way of getting rid of them, much like how it works irl. This might already have been taken into thought but if not I think its worth a shot. Just leave other suggestion regarding if you have any.
  22. Id like to see what ideas people would want for vehicles in the game; Things like different variants of cars (muscle, tuner, super, luxury, vintage...) Motorbikes (naked, sports, supersports, cafe racers, vintage...) Personal use vehicles (skateboards, longboards, roller blades, hoverboards...) Work vehicles (trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, airport vehicles...) Aviation (personal jets, private jets, corporate airline, service helicopters, military...) Personally, i'd like to see these incorporated in this game in one way or another and I would love to hear other peoples suggestions as vehicles (i believe) are a big part of any game.