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Found 72 results

  1. Wheelhouse Precision Drivers

    Wheelhouse Precision Drivers We are a crew of drivers that have driving expertise in speed and precision. We take what or who you have to where you need it to be no what or who it is. No matter the difficulty of the task we are up for it! We have two pricing models. Based on what we are transporting (and repercussions of what we are transporting) as well as the difficulty of the job itself. So if it is an easy drug transport the price might be low, but if it something to sabotage a rival gang with a lot of heat then the price would be higher. The other model is if it needs to be confidential and you cannot tell us then we would charge one flat rate. If not in full from the start, we will be paid forty percent upfront and the remaining sixty when the job is done. Meet The Family Here is the family of cars: First is "Panther" a classic muscle dedicated to raw speed when you need it done fast. "Panther" getting ready to burnout from the police station. We have "Red Dragon" a Tuned Import ready for agility and slick driving when you need your delivery in or out of sticky situations. Meet "Sally" a Classic Exotic perfect for carving your job up or down the mountain. If you think you have what it takes to be a precision driver then contact us we are taking on just a couple more drivers making a small team. See you in the streets! -The Wheelhouse Crew
  2. Car Meets

    I'm not sure exactly how many of you would be interested in this sort of thing, but once the full game releases, i would love to set up car meets and meet a ton of you all. I am huge into cars and cant wait to see how the devs have in store for us customization wise and i cant wait to see what you all do with your cars in game. I dont really care what kind of car you drive, muscle, import, truck, offroad, beater, bike, i just want a large social gathering of like minded people where we can all just sort of hang out and check out each others cars and get to know each other. I do plan on playing this with a good friend of mine but he isnt into cars like i am. Age doesnt really matter to me either as long as we're all respectful of each others cars and mature about everything. Sure the RP scenarios will be there for rivalries and races, but in all, i want for there to be a group of people who get to know each other and develop a true friendship all because we decided to go hang out with our cars. I guess, i kind of want to know you guy's thoughts on this. Would it be something that many of you would be interested in? Would anyone care to join me in opening a shop? Let me know your thoughts and hopefully we can continue to develop friendships starting here. See ya guys around! Jack Leyhe *EDIT* Devonor makes a good point. If we have enough people, would you guys be interested in me creating a steam group for the meets so everyone is notified of when and where? Seems like a good idea. I would also love to set up an actual car group in game with a name and logo for those interested to put on their cars (If thats something that we can do) Let me know, glad to see some interest in this. *EDIT 2* Discord Link here------>
  3. Show us your ride

    So, since there are a lot of people in this forum that likes cars and/or want to do car-stuff once the game is out, I though in this idea: post pictures and info of your car! I will start with mines. I'm from Spain and I own a performance workshop called Midnight Empire. This is my 1989 Nissan 200SX with CA18DET, my first car and the one I used to learn to drive. Used it for 2 years for daily. Don't mind the ride height, those where stock suspension, now I have adjustable suspension and the car is low af. I named it "Miku", since it's blue and I'm a very big fan of Hatsune Miku, one of the biggest representative icon of Japanese culture. Now Miku is sitting under construction in the workshop. The engine is being modified to Stage 3 with custom map, approx 300 HP. VAG coils conversion, new intercooler with custom fabricated front, and other little stuff that makes it a great car. -Suspension: front JIC Magic, rear Tein -Diff: S14 welded -Arms: Driftworks adjustable arm -Wheels: Kosei K3 Emery Gold -Radiator: Driftworks SuperCool -Intercooler: Race-spec Forge -Turbo: S14 T28 at 1 bar -Boost controller: HKS EVC 5 -Coils: VAG R8 / Gallardo coils with custom fabricated harness -Steering wheel: official OMP -Exhaust: 2.5 inch straight pipe -Rear lights: Type X clear style -Skyline GT-R R32 444cc injectors -Z32 MAF -HKS Super Power Flow air filter -NISMO oil filter -Custom fabricated Power Brace -And lots of stuff and hours spend in this car This is my second car, the daily one. A 1993 Suzuki Swift GTI. Cheap, lightweight and fast. And I mean... really fast. This nugget has a 1.3 Twim Cam engine dropping 101 HP. Can rev up to 9000 and has torque in every single rpm (not like the Civics). I called it the "Madrid's White Comet" since the previous owner slap it a Red Suns sticker. Although this little poor car is just too small for me, I need a more powered car with RWD, so I'm planning on selling it and buying something like a Lexus IS200. Here comes the good stuff, the workshop. It's a little garage but enough to fit some cool cars in. We have just started in this business and we already have big reputation in the sector.
  4. Working wing mirrors?

    I was just wondering if the cars in the game are going to have working wing mirrors and rearview mirrors and maybe possibly on larger vehicles a rear reversing camera or is none of this information available yet? Thanks-Harvey
  5. - 「 SAYONARA RACING 」 - - ABOUT US Welcome to Sayonara Racing. We are a street racing club with our own personal workshop. We formed the gang in the 90's when street racing was popular. Nowadays we just try to survive among the others with the spirit that is extinguishing. We used to be the top club in the 90's, drifting from the mountain touge to high-speed racing at the highway. -OUR ACTIVITIES Our original activity and our favorite one: mountain drifting, also know as "touge" in Japanese. We go to the mountain roads and drift downhill or uphill with our friends in the middle of the night, away from the people and the city. Sadly, those nowadays mountain roads are usually patrolled by police and are filled with speed cameras, so our trips to the mountains are less then ever. Thankfully, the city is big and there are places where we can drift, like the sea ports or abandoned industrial zones. We usually meet every Saturday night at XXXXX at XX:XX PM and drift until the morning sun comes up (if the police don't stop us). Our other big activity is the highway racing: Wangan style. Originated in Japan in the 2000's, people started to build high powered cars and run at incredible high speeds (300 km/h or 180 mp/h). Since our cars are more focused at drifting and are not that fast, we usually just go and drive on the highway, there's always people with similar cars to challenge. - WORKSHOP Our workshop is located at the outside of the city, away from the noisy people. Our workshop used to be members-only, but now you can bring your own car and let us modify it. We are experts in drifting builds. Also sometimes we have some cars for sale, come check it out. - VIDEOS Old video of our touge nights at the mountain, drifting all night. Video of these days, where we drift Saturday nights at the sea port. Onboard video of one of our drivers at the highway. Want to be one of us? Show us your ride, your skills and your true passion. Beware, the simple action of having one of our team stickers on your car means the police will ask you question!
  6. Game physics

    Will this game have ragdoll physics ? And how will it work with combat, falling down, getting unconscious, being stabbed, blood- all that stuff. Running over a sign and damaging your vehicle, how deep is it going to be ? What is known and unknown, what will be included and what not ?
  7. Renting

    I was wondering if it was possible to rent in the game. This would allow a lot more businesses in the game and allow people to rent instead of buy. you could rent: -cars, trucks, trailers (U Hal) -property (be a land lord making money off of other people renting the property you own) -office space -equipment (chain saw, lawn mower, tents...) -bikes and more... All of these items will be bought and rented out by other players
  8. Car Design

    Hey guys, so I am relatively new to Identity and I am curious about something. So it seems like most everything in the game will be made by players in factories type systems. I am assuming that you will be able to do this with vehicles like cars and so I am wondering if the devs have mentioned much about this and how people producing cars can design or customize them. I have not really found a thread about this so I am sorry if this is a duplicate forum post. Thanks
  9. Money System

    I wonder what our abilities will be as far as purchasing items. Will it be like most games where you have to have money in your account to purchase something in full? Or will there be nifty in game financing options for everything of large fiscal value that you may pay for monthly out of your check? i would love to see some real life payment systems in the game such as: Buy here pay her Bank loans Bank financing Dealer financing Buy with credit Dynamic credit score based on how responsible you are with money (which could make interest rates better on large purchases) Interest Rates Mortgage Lease Agreements Down payments I think it would be really cool to have many different options to pay for something large, like a vehicle per say, we all know how hard impossible it is to go down to the dealership with $40,000 in hand and buy a car. I want to see ways to own something nice while making individually dynamic monthly payments based on how well you treat your credit from day one in the game. Maybe even have a Repossession career for ill payers, or make your credit suffer when you miss a payment. All just an idea i thought of to increase over all immersion into the game. What are your thoughts on this system?
  10. Making cars?

    Will we be able to make our own cars and car brands? If so how in depth will it be?
  11. I'd like to start out by saying I have indeed read the FAQ and extended FAQ, but I'm interested in how developed your handling model will be. You guys have worked very hard on your ballistics model and you've read a lot of documentation about it to make it as realistic as you possibly could have which is fantastic! but what attention are you giving to the handling of the various vehicles in the game? You guys should definitely look at Pacejka's Magic Formula when looking at developing a tyre model. Also have you considered looking at load transfer, sprung and unsprung mass, weight distrubution, center of mass height/location and all that kind of stuff? I'm not expecting a simulator but it'll be nice to see the vehicles handle believably, especially when you've got wheel support. it would make the car chases interesting! Imagine having a taxi cab with a super loose suspension rolling from side to side as you cruise through streets, it would make mundane driving interesting as well. Last question, since you can purchase vehicles as automatics or manuals, is clutch and h-shifter fully supported as well as clutch dynamics like the biting point etc, rolling from stop signs with nothing but the clutch would be pretty neat.
  12. How will the cars look?

    Will the cars in the game look like real/normal cars or wil they look like some futuristic cars (something i don't like, and i know there will not be real brands) Thanks!
  13. rag doll physics

    GTA 4's physics were some of the best.when you would eject from a moving vehicle you would slide half way over the map, well not really but you get what I mean. I would love to see ragdoll physics in identity similar to that in GTA 4
  14. more about cars

    what i mean by this video to be a Material for the car sounds and rpm's when the engine is IDLE and when u push the throttle how it changes not Like the STUPID SOUND OF NEED FOR SPEED IN ALL OF their Titles , make the engine have this special sound when it gets turned on and the alternator how it sounds from different cars a v8 & v6 & inline engine also the Rotary Engine when idle ,Also the RPM make it have more space not just one push then the car hits 1100 Rpm that easy and when it hits the maximum Rpm let it have that Reving sound that its getting choked (i dont know how to explain it but i gss the Zenvo Car can let you hear that sound i think Top Gear did have a sound for that thing ) , man just thinking about this makes feel excited if i wish for anything inside a game that will be it
  15. Hey there, I searched forums and didn't see this specific question, however I apologise if I missed it. How many vehicles are planned in full game? Just to clarify I don't mean types, I mean estimated number of. Thanks, deadasdisco
  16. I know this game suppose to be similar to real world. My questions is will their be evictions notices on apartments or monthly paid rent paid from player ingame bank accounts each month in the game. Will their be insurance you have to keep on cars, if you reck your car will their be and option to fix it at a mechanic garage or simply just total it out or cash it out. If car can be stolen if left unlock or no alarm is the car lost or if their in game insurance will they cover the cost.. Since I here that only the player that own a apartment, that player unless giving someone entrance to enter. So I assume no home break ins or robberies. Also will their be safes or storages to keep guns and personal vaiables to store or will thier only be a certain limit of guns that can be carried or will it be similiar to GTA the way a player buys and carries guns. But if a player is robbed should a player be able to take that character weapons if he choose to or the player can drop/give them up just like in Arma 3. also the movement of characters will they move/walk/run similiar to gta hopefully its nothing like Arma. With apartments lets say all the apartments are taken up in a certain area,, and than again lets just say you have palyers that have apartments but one played on the server one time and I'm like dang why dont the character loose his apartment after a certain amount of days or no money in account being he most likely on another server.. Also does game money follow from server to server including weapons and clothes or does going to another server have to make a new character get a new job etc...
  17. Car's controls

    Is there control of the car in real life, or whether it will be like a toy without drifts and defects in the control during the ride? What about the drift, will it be possible to set up your machine so you only harvest the gas, and your fans have already enjoyed) Or what about the control for racing and drag racing? Is it possible to be in such a setup like Forza Horizon or motorsport?
  18. Can you become a mechanic?

    I was wondering if you could become a mechanic in this game. Also if you can become a mechanic how would fixing the cars be like would it be like my summer car or like car mechanic simulator? My last question is would we be able if we were a mechanic to do things like engine swaps and other things that would increase the performance of the car?
  19. Customisation

    Idea or suggestion about customisation the cars.I know, identity got customisations for cars, but what you mean by that?When somebody talking about customisation I think about this - What do you feel about it?)
  20. Vehicle salesman

    When I enter the world of Identity, i am looking to open up a Luxury Vehicles dealership that sells vehicles that have been acquired "legally". The dealership itself would be a legitimate looking business with a showroom and an appeal for people to walk in and purchase vehicles, however out the back it will be run by a gang of smugglers and thieves who are using the business as a front for their more illegal dealings. Do you guys think this is a good idea and also do you have any suggestions or improvements?
  21. Add more cars

    Don't get me wrong, i may be retarded when it comes to this. But will you add or are there more cars than the sport car?
  22. A Few Questions

    Questions #1 Cars Will some cars be Manual and or Automatic? Questions #2 Clothing Can you Copy logos onto clothing? Question #3 Firearms How can we acquire Firearms? Crafting? or Dealers? Regards Savage & Fresh
  23. Licensed Cars

    A cool thing would be, if you guys would have licensed cars. i mean real brands. if thats too expensive, maybe try to do it like GTA
  24. in one day someone asked @motown on twitter about car customization and he replyed saying: you can customize your car with everything and use many options to add on your car. so are these types of Camo paints can be possible ? pics *
  25. Vehicular Variety

    Hi!! In the trailer I saw a Dodge Charger with amazing detail, what different kinds of cars will be in the game? Will the cars appearances change because of which department you were hired at? Example: If you get hired at the Sheriffs department your car will say Police, Sheriff, etc. and you can go all throughout the county. But if you are city police your car says (City name) Police, and such. I can see you put a lot of time and effort into this game and I can tell it should become as popular as GTA with a few years. Thank you!!