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Found 40 results

  1. I don't know if something like this is in the works, but there should be some kind of competitive racing motorsport league(s). If it isn't feasable, then a simple underground one will work fine, but I think if this game stays true and adds content continuously this can really add another popular area of gameplay. I also do not really know how far in depth this game will go. Maybe to go along with this and other careers there can be a news/television career that can do interviews, report news, commentate on sports and events, etc. It would be nice to have multiple player based news or TV stations. Note: These should probably be a in the not-so-near future so a stable base game can be made and fit enough typical audiences to have a large playerbase before specific careers like these are added. I could list more but I'll refrain. tl;dr: A professional racing career area, and a news/television career area to be made way later on in the dev cycle, if additional things like this will be added
  2. Radio Talk Host

    Hello reader, I was wondering if there was any mention of a radio talk host. If people could buy a frequency and then play music and talk over it would be awesome. People in their cars would be able to tune into the radio and listen as they drive wherever they drive. Also, a youtube player could be added to the game or some form of music playing. If anyone has any questions on any concerns or question on how this would work, feel free to leave a comment and I will gladly answer you. ~Dickbutt
  3. I know that the developers have told us about how in-depth the driving system will be and how you can race on the streets and tracks of Identity, but besides being an opportunity to have fun and show off your ride, what else is there to it? Driving is one of my favorite aspects of gaming, and in Identity, I would like to get paid for it (in the game currency, not real currency). A professional racing career would allow players to get paid for racing on the tracks or cleared streets of Identity. Fans could pay for tickets or watch on T.V.s to see these races. As a bonus, these racers would get access to exclusive racing cars that wouldn't be purchasable anywhere else in Identity. This could also be a great opportunity for companies to get awareness since they would be able to sponsor these racers. The illegal racing career would be the "high risk, high reward" version of professional racing. The racers in this career wouldn't get access to the exclusive cars or get sponsored, and would have to race on the streets of Identity while regular players are driving as well. This would result with the cops chasing the racers because they put innocent citizens of Identity in danger. The upsides to this career is that you would get access to illegal parts that you could put on your car, and if you won a race, the winnings would be much higher than a professional race. I could see this career being a way to settle disputes between rival gangs. So what do you guys think: would you be a professional or illegal racer? I would really like to hear your thoughts.
  4. Strip Club?

    This is just a suggestion, Kinda? There are many opportunities to make money by working hard and putting in the man hours, however what if you could use your looks to make you money. What if we could have a strip club in the game where people can become strippers and "perform" for other people. It would add other ways to make money in the game. The strip club would of course have its own tipping system for people who are enjoying the performance to pay a little extra.
  5. Mechanic Career

    I don't know if this has been answered yet, but will there be a mechanic career? I know it seems kind of minor, but what will happen if a player crashes their car? Will they just pay amount of money and the car will instantly be fixed? A mechanic career could fix that problem by providing a chance for another player to earn some money. It seems more realistic to me. Also, what if you want to personalize your car? Not everyone will have the experience or materials, so this could also be another chance for a player to earn a little more money.
  6. Hello Identity Community! Education: I was wondering, will there be an education system where a player would need to graduate school, college or university in order to get the career of their choice? Would the player need to have certain qualifications in order to apply for certain career paths? Career: Would a player need to be appointed by the governor or elected by the people to be the Police Commissioner, Emergency Services Director, Fire Chief, DEA Director and so on? How would one be promoted in the game? How long would a player be able to be the Police Commissioner, Emergency Services Director, Fire Chief, DEA Director and so on for? How long would a player be able to be the Governor? and how many terms can they run for? I have a million and one questions for this game as i am so excited about it and want to know as much as possible in order to have the best possible experience.
  7. Hello Identity Community! My name is Michael, however, I go by TravisGB in the online gaming world. I have a quick question, a noob question, How do I become a member of the Police Department and move away from being an immigrant? ( not that i have anything against that) I have a passion for the Police force, and would love to join! if anyone can help me, that would be great! Enjoy your day guys!
  8. Morgue job?

    What if instead of bodies just disappearing into nothingness we could add a job that is connected with the police force that will clean up dead bodies from a crime scene? Like they come pick up the dead body, put it in a morgue and when the police is done investigating the crime, they burn the body. Wouldn't that be a lot more immersive then just disappearing into thin air?
  9. Crafting and Repairs?

    The title says it all, I already know from the trailer that a user can craft his own cloths, add unique pictures and stuff to their clothing and sell it in the market. But my question is, does this also imply to other things? Does the game mechanics include crafting other stuff? examples: - Being able to open a shop, design items from the zero? using metals, or wood, being a carpenter, a smith, a butcher, a tailor, a cook,...etc - Be able to work as a repairman, fix home appliances, be a car mechanic? be a plumber? I know I'm asking a lot, but such jobs could add a whole lot to the game, and would increase the immersion into the game. Many including myself are anticipating the possibilities of this game
  10. Train driver?

    Trains Hi! I wonder, if there's going to be trains in Identity? If so, would it be possible to be a train driver? My biggest dream, in my whole life, have always been to be train driver, and I'm going to be a train driver, when I'm at that age. But again, I wonder, if there's trains, and if it would be possible, to be a train driver?
  11. Common Jobs

    There's a lot of careers in this thread that aren't exactly very common, for example Assassins aren't very common around the world. So i wanted to list down a few common jobs that would create more options for a player. White Collar = Office Jobs Blue Collar = Manual Jobs ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -White Collar Jobs- Stock Broker A stockbroker is a regulated professional individual, usually associated with a brokerage firm or broker-dealer, who buys and sells stocks and other securities for both retail and institutional clients, through a stock exchange or over the counter, in return for a fee or commission. Stockbrokers are known by numerous professional designations, depending on the license they hold, the type of securities they sell, or the services they provide Insurance Claims examiners work inside an office to handle the claims filed by those insured. Sometimes, they work with private investigators or adjusters who visit the site or the property for which a claim is filed. This includes workers' compensation, health, liability, automotive, home, property and business insurance. As a claims examiner, you typically require certification for the field of insurance, computer experience and self-motivation and discipline. Accounting Whether you work for an accounting firm or in the accounting department of a business or public entity, there are many types of office jobs in the accounting field. These jobs include file clerks, billing or accounts payable clerks, payroll supervisors, general-ledger accountants, project accountants, accounting managers, supervisors and controllers. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -Blue Collar Jobs- Electrician Specializing in electrical wiring of buildings and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the construction of new buildings or maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure. Boilermaker Works in nuclear and fossil power plants, shipyards, refineries and chemical plants, on boilers, pressure vessels, and similar equipment. Carpet Layer One who specializes in laying carpet Heavy Equipment operator A driver and operator of heavy equipment used in engineering and construction projects ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. Career & Becoming a IDENTITY Star: Lets say your in to been a Dj,Musician,Artist and want the entire community to buy your new mixtape, find a manager to get you in clubs ,earn money by gigs , sell your music, promote yourself, make a living and become a star that everybody in that community wants to hire. Creating a Family & Marriage: Let's say you meet a IDENTITY user that you like and want to share most of your time and earnings, move in together adopt other users as brothers sisters (family member) MAke a mafia type family or a normal family that lives in a big house and have the same earnings out the family business company. get married make a big wedding and invite users, hire a priest if it's by Religious Church, Promote your big wedding, give your last name to your wife, get divorce, split 50 - 50% , hire a attorney, be unfaithful , have drama, etc... Pets: Be able to buy Dogs & Cats and train them in useful ways like for the theifs that want to enter your home,for the police officers (DEA) in search of drugs,Urban Dog Fights , buy 2 dogs make them, create a puppys and sell them on the market with special abillitys gain by training... Birds,fish (you can buy a fish tank and fish your own fish or buy) , horses, buy high class racing horses and bid on them. go to the wild ,place traps and hut wild animals ,make a zoo and show off your luxury animals , sell them on internet , make a living out of Identity Animals. Gym : imagine having a Daily routine , make your IDENTITY user sim Fit. create your own gym where you can interact with other users about Real healthy eating and best workout routine. sorry just expanding my imagination of what this project can turn out to be.!! Thank you for reading .!!
  13. More or less how will gangs work? Will they be considered careers, or will you just commit crimes and associate yourselves with others who are unofficially part of a gang? In the event that gangs are a more official system, will there be official ranks? Also what will be decidable by the boss, etc. Thanks!
  14. Hotel/Motel Career

    I think it would be great to be able to work at a hotel in the game. I have been working at hotels for many years and I can't currently think of what I would like to do more in this game. We already know there will be hotels in the game, but not quite sure how they will work yet, just that they will be your first housing. What do you think?
  15. Musician/Band Member

    I have been thinking about a music career for this game, and saw an interest in instruments being used in the game on another post. Would anyone else like to see a career focused around being a musician or making a band? I would definitely like to see this become a career in the game. Being able to travel to bars or open venues and play music via the in-game instruments if they are implemented would be really cool. People could be playing in the streets for just tips, or bands could receive loads of money doing a whole concert paid by either citizens or from a city fund. I also think that this would be a good way for people to get together and rp better as a whole. Any suggestions?