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  1. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

    Maplestory in 2005? Runescape, Ragnarok Online
  2. Thats not at all what I meant. I don't think they're overly experienced, being this is their first game, though you can tell how much the team has learned over the last few years. More transparency, giving updates, showing people what they want, improvements in the game etc.
  3. No good developer will give an ETA until they're 100% sure about it. Even then, sometimes you can be sure about it and things still happen. What's the point in saying 2 more months if 6 weeks from now they find another game breaking glitch and it takes a week to figure it out? It's one of those things of once you fix one issue you find another, and that goes with anything development related. Now to be fair, there hasn't been an official release on the reason for the delay, it's been stated many times in threads like these and I guess over other platforms (though I dont follow that stuff, I have better things to do), so it might benefit to post an announcement picking out what's happened, or even take those screenshots above and paste them into a thread to stop confusion. I was a little confused at first too, but once I started looking a little deeper it appears they are pretty transparent in what's going on. They're not gonna say "yeah 2 weeks" because itll keep getting pushed back. Though I agree, it couldve been easier to know exactly what's going on, which, like I said a thread outlining it would probably keep these threads away.
  4. I've said this before, it's not even the delay that gets me, its the lack of communication (And no, you can't say a monthly dev blog is proper communication, otherwise there wouldnt be these threads literally every day). Now to be fair, it has gotten a lot better. A year ago we'd gone months without hearing or seeing anying besides the original kickstarter video, which was even making me wonder the legitimacy of this. I believe a large portion of users that backed this are some sort of content crators themselves (rather it be from gmod, gta or whatever). Most of us understand delays happen. However when it comes to the point where we're now just hearing "Soon" after it being delayed at the last second a few months ago people have a right to question what's going on. Especially when they've invested in the game, and without their investment this game wouldn't exist. The communication/transparancy level is on par with a crappy little mod server, and not a full fledged game that has thousands of investors. Simply telling people to "wait" is only going to further make them question if they made a good investment.
  5. So what's wrong with the UI?

    Why not just make a thread that's flat out called "Reasons for the delay" and state everything in simple form, black and white, no sugar coating it. Even a jot list. It might stop some of these threads from being created, and if they are someone can link them to that thread.
  6. Here's how I see it: There was no way in hell they were going to get it done by the first deadline. And if I recall, they even said in the kickstarter video "Two years should be plenty of time". They kept us in the dark for over a year before a bunch of people started calling the game a scam and they FINALLY started a dev blog. Now, I can see feeling like they don't need to update the players. "It's done when it's done" type of thing, which is what you see a lot of in private servers for various games. My issue with it however, is that we are not just players. A large majority of us either backed it on kickstarter or pledged into it, essentially making us investors. As investors, we deserve to know what is going on. Like it was stated above, there was a beta release date set in the spring, and a day or two before it was pushed, then it was pushed a second time to "Whenever its ready". This is coming back to the whole leaving the investors in the dark again. Why would they wait until the absolute LAST MINUTE (twice) to say it needs more work? Its been a few months since that has happened, so obviously they were nowhere near ready to release the game. It would be like you hiring someone to rennovate your house, you are told you can move in on the 15th of July, and on the 14th they say "We're waiting on paint. give us another week" and half a year goes by with no update. It's not really about just being patient when we paid money (and effectively funded this project), were promised a deadline then left in the dark. Try that at work and see what happens....
  7. Quick question for the day one cats.

    Ohhh, my apologies, it was so long ago I thought they said beta was 2 years from last march
  8. Small communities

    Nobody said you had to use the whole map. I had an RP server based off GTA San Andreas (SA:MP) and we used the north part of one of the cities (Las Venturas), the rest was just open. OT I'll most likely be continuing my SA:MP community over here, server is shut down for now. There probably won't be a shitload of players in it, I kinda like the idea of everyone knowing everyone type of thing. I'll most likely have a quiz to go through to get in the game for the first time that would need to be completed online, that is, assuming it is possible with Identity to add things like that.
  9. Quick question for the day one cats.

    It was like March 2015 when they announced the game on kickstarter, they said it would be about 2 years from that until we had a beta, and afaik they're still on track for that
  10. Real roleplayers

    Thats why a lot of private servers are going to have whitelists.
  11. Let The Vote Begin

    Mopara sounds like Mopar, maybe it could be a car company in game?
  12. Quick Server List

    Typo, my bad
  13. Quick Server List

    Updated, still working on the formatting. No idea how to make a table with this forum, so I made it in google docs and screenshotted it
  14. Quick Server List

    I know it's a bit early, but I'm creating this thread as like a "Get started" type of thing for anyone that wishes to join a community. If you wish to have your server added to this list, reply below with the form and I'll update this. I will also be checking these communities periodically to make sure this list is of active communities. Server Name: Server Type (Heavy RP etc): Whitelist?: Website: Note: If you do not yet have a website, put TBU.
  15. You SHOULD whitelist official servers

    It's not a RP game, its an MMORPG, that means that it is more of a freeroam do what you want, not like RP servers on games (The difference between RP and RPG is actually large)