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  1. Radio Station

    Would you be able to host your own radio station to be live broadcasted to every citizen in Identity which hears it? I would love this feature to be added, and would love to do the job by myself. Depending options for music choice it doesn't really matters i think everything the game has to offer should be available to the broadcaster to cast in the radio. I think the radio programs sould mostly consist on different interations with the listeners in Identity and virations of different guest from identity. Would do you guys think agout the idea?
  2. Getting rich by luck

    Hi everybody. Would’ve it be nice if there would be some way to get rich without putting any time into the game. I mean like a real life lottery where the winner chances are low as … This would add realism as this happens in real life aswell and would be a nice way to get money in the game aswell.
  3. Bike Rentals idea?

    I think that's a brilliant idea since it probably isn't to cheap to own your own "more than decent" mountainbike. Would be nice if you fx. lived in the city and just needed to go to the mountains whenever you wanted to bike.