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  1. So.... Is Identity dead?

    It's on life support.
  2. Censorship like NK

    Obv. they don't wanna hear anything bad about such a good game like Identity. If you say something against it you're out but they will keep your money. But as I said before, theres nothing wrong with Identity thats why alot of people including Motown left the team.
  3. Driving Realism?

    Since I am the best driver on earth imma be a Taxi driver.
  4. I think alot of people will and try to be an officer, If its like on asylum that you can switch between "off/on" duty you will see ALOT officers (atleast whitelisted).
  5. Night living

    I will dance for you all, in a Nightclub.
  6. Introduction - Zoex

    Hi jeff!!
  7. Sup

  8. Sup

    Okay my name is HomeTrlx, I am 18 years old and pretty much fell in love with the game. I've been playing Arma (Asylum) for almost 2.5 years. I started playing on Asylum on the 25th August 2014... I am very pleased to say "Hi" and I am glad I can say that I am looking for the game to be released soonTM. And I hope to see alot of oldies from Asylum in Identity. -HomeTrlx.