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  1. Delay thoughts?

    1. Will the devs meet the new deadline? nobody's opinion matters on this. there is nothing out of the ordinary for game development in their development cycle. 2. Position towards the game if they delay? Not changing. All games take time 3. How should the devs fix these problems? What problems? This is normal game development.
  2. that pole shows cops and robbers but no lawyers 80
  3. My one problem with Identity

    At most, I hope that this becomes a private server option, as I would be interested in trying to play that way at times. However not for my main character that I wish to climb social ranks and earn prestige and respect of the community.
  4. I don't think I have heard anything specific about either question. However having named roads and numbered houses and perhaps something like google maps on your ingame phone would be pretty cool
  5. Immigrant looking for a new life.

    Hello and Welcome Sarican! Looking forward to seeing you in the Town Square
  6. New gamer from Australia

    Greetings and welcome Enrabahn! Glad to have you join the community
  7. Hey

    Hello Tritega I'm curious if the cat in your forum avatar is your cat. Its incredibly adorable lol.
  8. Hello; New Guy. Lots of Things To Talk About

    Greetings Triste. It seems your questions have been answered so far so I will just say welcome to the community! Glad to have you here
  9. Good Morning Everyone :)

    It was wonderful. thank you
  10. Hello!!~

    Greetings and Welcome. I love seeing excitement like this!! cant wait to interact with you in the Town Square!
  11. hello im new

    Greetings Freecandyhere. sitting eagerly right along with you Gunna be good stuff. See you in the Town Square when the time is there!
  12. Hello!

    Greetings and welcome! love seeing more and more eager and excited peeps join the community
  13. IM NEW!

    Greetings Jack
  14. Hey!

    Welcome Whopper! Glad your here I wish your arms a well recovery! I'm pretty curious how you broke both of them, but I will not press if you do not wish to talk about that. Also good luck with the forum mod desire. Surely we shall meet in the Town Square! I look forward to it
  15. Housing With Friends

    There must be one bedroom for each resident. so you and two other friends will require a three bedroom house/apartment to all live in the same place. otherwise there will be a permissions list for letting other people in, however I have no idea what permissions that actually allows once inside or if it works when the owner is offline.