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  1. 1. Will we be seeing a tracker for the 2nd Module, this will help with transparency and something to look forward to? Most definitely. The original intention for the tracker was to keep it for the duration of the full game’s development, and likely even thereafter. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone dedicated to the updating of the tracker and it’s currently made in a way that it must be updated manually. We’ll work toward making it more automated in the near future so that you’ll get regular updates. 2. When can we expect some screenshots, video, trailers for the SWAT module? Media typically comes later in the development cycle as our focus now is on blockouts, design and production of game systems and mechanics. Code isn’t very pretty to see, so once we start getting more art in place we’ll most definitely show it off! 3. Are the drugs that you can manufacture going to be able to break down into smaller quantities, like taking a kilo of heroin or coke and cut it into more or break it down into smaller portions for distribution? I’m curious if we will be able to organize big drug deals and smaller deals Yes, there will be different quantities of drugs. The amount received during production will also depend on where, and how, it’s produced. We’re going to be introducing low-level drug production into the Town Square module in the near future as well. If you’re caught by the police, the charge received will be dependent on the amount that you’re carrying or trafficking. 4. When do you guys plan on expanding the map? The base game map will be worked on through the entire development cycle of Identity, although for the Town Square we plan to expand it as required. For example, as new features are to be brought from the full game into the modules, we’ll open areas to facilitate that. You’ll likely get things like jail cells, paintball fields and more in the Town Square once the features for their use are ready to go. 5. What types of guns do you plan to add to the game and will you as a player be able to manufacture guns?. Yes, players will be able to manufacture guns but it’s not a simple process as we don’t want the world littered with powerful firearms. Firearms also need to be maintained as they’ll wear with use. You’ll most often be encountering handguns of several styles, but heavier firearms such as hunting rifles (bolt action, lever action, semi-automatic, etc), assault rifles and even shotguns will be obtainable. Where we draw the line is mostly with attachments such as optics and silencers. We feel that long-range sniping and silencers will detract from the role-play experience. We want people to interact as much as possible, not just take a shot from a kilometer away. A single bullet in Identity can kill if it’s well-placed. 6. How will you handle future deadline dates given and work to stay true to your community promises? All we can really do in this regard is provide release dates when we’re confident that we can meet them. Unfortunately, unexpected issues can arise. In the past with the Town Square, we had to change entire base technologies for our game when technology partners shut their doors. This mean that we not only had to throw out entire completed systems, but then remake them in a different language. This set us back in a way that could never have been expected. Given that our current partners are very successful, the likeliness of this happening again is very low. 7. How far are you into the SWAT module? This is a tough one to answer because different elements are progressed to different stages. For example, in design everything is mostly in place. For game mechanics, they’re coming along quite well. Our lead programmer (Marthalion) is currently focused on taking our formerly-produced firearm systems and integrating them with our modern inventory mechanics. Once the firearms are working as planned, we can move on to gameplay scripting. That is, setting up the mechanics specific to the game modes in the SWAT module. This is actually the easier and faster part of development (and the fun stuff to make, too). We’re pretty excited to get into this area. Most of the work outside of that is in art, but art is also one of the last focuses. We have quite a bit already created, and most art required will be in level development. First the levels will be blocked out so that we can be sure they flow well. After that, we make them all pretty. 8. My Question is when will the coffee shop open? Will there be pool we can play against other players in? would be fun to get some games against other players in the game.....maybe add a "arcade" in the game with some small mini games and have a scoreboard for the highest score or something? You’ve described our plans for the coffee shop almost exactly. There will also be public televisions in there where people can watch videos together while playing. It’ll likely be a short while for the coffee shop, though, as it’s not a current priority. You might even get pool/billiards in your apartments before we open those doors. 9. Do you plan on hire more developers, and if so when? We always hire based on current and projected income. If people are buying module access and account upgrades, we use every dime to improve our team. We’re in no way concerned with profit at this point. So, I guess the answer to your question is, as soon as possible. 10. Crime and punishment: How will this work exactly when you get punished for a crime? Will you be instanced to a jail cell or will it be player role played? It could go a few different ways, depending on the server which you’re playing. On official servers, everything is handled by game mechanics as we don’t have the staff to police them (no pun intended) as well as community servers. The punishment you receive will be based directly on the severity of the crimes you committed. For small offenses you can simply pay the fine/ticket and walk away. If you can’t afford it you’ll spend time in a local jail within a police station. If you’ve done something terrible, like murder or armed robbery, you’ll be heading to prison. The mechanics in prison are very in-depth. Check out the dedicated page for this on our website in the “info” section. 11. When will jobs be implemented? Jobs have always been planned for the full game release. However, we’ve been tossing around ideas for introducing a basic economy with the Town Square module. You might see simple jobs sooner than we’d originally planned, perhaps even before the SWAT module is released. 12. Is there a way you can become a DJ? Yes, you could act as a DJ. In fact you can even broadcast on in-game radio channels. 13. Will there be courts and judges to prosecute criminals? Of course! Well, there’s more of a jury than a judge. Giving that much power to a single player could go horribly wrong, but with a jury it’s much safer. We tested this system in a basic way with our Altis Life mod years ago, and it was both hilarious and fun. Players will be summoned for jury duty from time to time. It’s optional to attend, but you do get paid. If enough people report in the trial will begin. If the player (and/or his lawyer) can convince the jury that he should be released, that player’s prison sentence will end early. In Altis Life, people made up the most ridiculous excuses for their crimes. It’s always fun to see what people will think up! 14. Will there be vintage cars such as the 77 Lincoln Continental Mark V or the 90 Town car, full size luxury cars rather than just sports super cars? Yes, exotic sports cars will be incredibly rare in Identity. This isn’t Grand Theft Auto; we don’t want everyone to be driving cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Extremely expensive cars will exist, but only for the extremely wealthy. In Identity, it’s not very difficult to damage your vehicle if you’re driving recklessly, and more expensive vehicles will be costly to repair. 15. What's the one specific feature, that you really want to add? As a developer, I just really can’t wait to start coding all of the police power mechanics. The designs we have on paper are so exciting and it’ll be incredibly fun to get them in-game. You might even see some of this in the Town Square eventually. 16. Will there be a wide collection of motorcycles when the full game releases? Sure thing. There are a couple available for sale on our website already. We’ll be expanding our available vehicles regularly after release. 17. What is the best way to help the developers? (e.g. many people get to buy the game, report bugs in the game quickly or bring new ideas into the game) At this stage, we have the design mostly locked down; however, because we haven’t gotten much of it into code yet there’s still time for good ideas to influence game mechanics. We always enjoy hearing ideas! I believe Identity’s biggest hurdle right now is simply awareness. The best way to help the project would be to spread the word as best you can. Each person who supports our development via a purchase of any kind improves our team and speeds along development. 18. Is some of the map made or have you only made Town Square ? Some of the map is made, but only small parts would be considered “done” or polished. The first stage in this is called the block-out. We get the environment and shape in place, and then update everything with finished art assets. There’s more work to do before the world looks like the Town Square, in terms of quality, but it’s well on schedule. 19. Will we be able to host our own servers? I run an RP community using FiveM and will we be able to do something similar to that within the Identity platform? Yes, we believe that community servers will be where Identity truly shines. You won’t host the servers on your own hardware, but you’ll have full control over their configuration and settings. You will be able to disable mechanics as you please so that your own team can cover them in other ways. 20. How will the Fire Department work? There are several different ways that the fire department will be dispatched. First is what we call “emergent” fires. These are unplanned events which occur based on player activity. For example, if a car crashes into a tree and catches on fire, the fire department may need to put it out (car fires will be extremely rare, though). If there’s not much going on from player activity, our servers have the ability to randomly create fire events based on the currently logged-in firefighter population. We’ll make sure you stay busy! 21. Could you think the community could help in the development process like letting the community help design the map and weapon selection etc? This is an idea we’ve tossed around a few times. Right now, we don’t take direct technical assistance from the community. This is mostly because we have very high standards of quality, and we also want to ensure that everything follows our guidelines and fits well together. I’ve considered making a system where community members could contribute on certain items which we need and, if approved and accepted, we could them implement them in the game (and compensate the worker). I’m still undecided about going down this road, though. 22. How do you plan to use current funding and acquire further funding? All funding, every single dollar, has always been spent on the development expenses of the game. Well, every dollar that the government doesn’t want from us, anyway. This includes developer salaries, licensing fees, and so on. We’ll continue crowd funding for additional income as it’s supporting the team well. We’ll likely incorporate the items we have on our website into in-game Steam purchases sometime soon, too. We’d consider working with investors and publishers but while we’ve had dealings with a few already, we’re incredibly selective here as we want to ensure that we always retain creative control. 23. When will the phone feature or a way to add friends be available? Before the SWAT module is released. The phone calling and friend systems are actually already coded in the Town Square module, although we haven’t completed the UI required to access it. 24. Will you implement a better cataloging system for furniture in rooms and make the catalog accessible from there. Yes this is currently on our to-do list. 25. When will the website be updated and we'll have a site for SWAT module? (Teasers?) And that stupid UI Problem in the Task List... even when the module is already out? We’ll get that tracker updated next week, I think. I’m the one who handles that and I’ve been so busy with development and management that it’s not been something on my mind. As for the SWAT page, it’ll be expanded as soon as we have more media to display. 26. The map of the game published on identityrpg (in the police station for the exemple) and the website be reproduced faithfully ? / One the beta is complete, will the acquired objects be saved? The game world will be very similar to that map, yes. The map shown is an early draft though, and is mostly a positional guide. The scaling of objects on the map are very far from accurate, but the locations of the cities and such are correct. 27. Are you going to finish all currently planned Town Square content before releasing the SWAT module? Nope. The two are typically being worked on by different developers, but the SWAT module is our current primary focus. The Town Square will receive all sorts of features during the development of Identity, as they’re created for other pieces. For example, we’re adding firearms to the Town Square soon as they’re being worked on now for the SWAT module. All modules, and mostly the Town Square, will be constantly expanding up till the full game release. 28. Whats the different weather mechanics that will be used? You’ll see rain, snow and functional wind. That is, wind which can affect you graphically (clothing and such) as well as in practice (ballistics). 29. Will we be able to use weapons anywhere on the map in the next module? The next module is SWAT, which is a competitive shooter. You’ll definitely be using weapons throughout as they’re the primary focus of the gameplay. In the Town Square, they’ll only be used in the shooting range. Paintball guns will have more freedom, though! 30. Will you add a mouse to available models that you can place in the apartment. Also a monitor. I see both of those models on the front desk. but please add them to catalog. Sure thing. Thank you for pointing that out!
  2. Ask A Dev!

    It's been awhile since we've requested some questions from the community, that being said, if you have a question that has not been answered on our FAQ or Stream Clips, or maybe you would like an update on something that was previously answered some time ago, please submit it to the link below. We will compile a list of questions and Paratus will respond. Once we get a first group of responses we will post them. We look forward to being as transparent as possible and making sure that you are provided with the information you are seeking. https://goo.gl/forms/R131XI6k9UWkbEk42
  3. Progress on my appartment

    Looks good! Love the barber pole in the corner.
  4. Please report bugs using the following Google Form. You will have the ability to review bugs after submitting. https://goo.gl/forms/FWcEywSRSxQotMyW2 Thanks
  5. Problems linking Steam account:

    Reset your password.
  6. Please use the following format to expedite the process: Store Page Username: Email Address: Description of the issue: If you are a backer, what package did you purchase and when: Screenshot of PayPal Transaction:
  7. Town square

    There is a date that Dev’s have gave to Steam.
  8. Town square

    The date the game is playable is not set by Steam, it's a date that the Dev's gave Steam. This date however from my understanding can not be changed once posted by Steam.
  9. About the steam verification process...

    What Dag said, there could be some wording or something Steam would like changed before approving that could maybe make the release date have to be altered.
  10. Unpopular opinion time.

    There is nothing to hide, they are being locked because topics like this are creating people to believe they know the release date. Once the game hits steam everyone will see the release date so there is no guessing. That release date is also something that has to be fulfilled with steam, not something they can go back and forth on after it’s been set like it is. We all want a better alternative then ARMA I lived through Altis Life, this will be better. Your post is not going to get you in trouble but we are locked the previous one because people are answering what they think they know, which then makes others believe that’s the case, which then creates a build up and then people get let down. “It’s coming out X if it’s not out it’s another lie”. We just need to wait for the store page so everyone has the opportunity to see the exact launch date. Once that happens if you want to speculate something sure, but let’s just wait for that store page to solidify the true without speculation. Hope this answers your questions, if you have any addition questions feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll answer what I can and if I do not have the answers I’ll talk to Paratus. Thanks!
  11. Identity Trailer

    What’s a salty twist, a pretzel?
  12. Identity Trailer

    They did not fail anything.....they published it to Steam. Steam now needs to approve it so it can be posted, typically it’s done the same day, but for some reason there is a queue. Stop finding the negative in things and find something positive, Steam has it and will post the store page when they approve it.
  13. Identity Trailer

    Should be up in the next day or two. It was sent to Steam and is in Steams pending queue.
  14. Identity Trailer

    There is information all over that states their intent to add more content to Town Square as they progress through development of the other modules. Other than the shooting range they have not released what additions will be added. Those specifics would be posted in DevBlogs. There is not a roadmap that lists specific things that will be added to Town Square during the continuation of development.
  15. Identity Trailer

    The only roadmap is the different modules. Additions will likely be announced as they are about ready. One of the first ones will be a shooting range. TS will not just be dumped while they work on swat.
  16. Identity Trailer

    Was posted on the Identity YouTube, the forums and Discord.
  17. Identity Trailer

    The devs have already said how they will be adding features to Town Square, in devblogs, streams, and on Discord.
  18. Identity Trailer

    Have to remember that things will be added in between TS and Swat.
  19. Steam Verification

    Well good thing there is still 3 business days left of the month, and it was stated "by the END of the MONTH" not sure what progress there is to seem? It's either posted or its not by the end of the month, there is no in between progress that you would see.
  20. Police Application - Non Official

    Just to note: There is no application for joining the police force once Identity is launched. There may be one for private servers at the discretion of the server owner.
  21. Account Support FAQs

    No. The tracker below needs to be completed first before the first module comes out. http://www.identityrpg.com/info/modules/townsquare/#tracker
  22. Account Support FAQs

    The game is not released yet. Stay tuned into the Dev Tracker.
  23. Steam release?

    All I can say is what I’m told, and that’s what I said. But like the others have said the game is broken into bits and it won’t likely be for sale through steam until everything is out. From my understanding is that the steam platform is being used to access the modules not as a source of purchase. We will have to see though. From what I’m told the steam side will be ok for when they are ready.
  24. Steam release?

    What I’m saying is that everything steam related will align with when it’s time for it to release. This is what I’ve been told.
  25. Steam release?

    @HAWKgame is there, just hidden from public view until it’s ready for the two week lead time.