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  1. What's to come

    Someone should start a Fund raising / $$$ collect to get this shit up and running or just kill it once and for all, because you cannot just make people believe after years that this project will suddenly rise from nowhere... sorry but we gotta be honnest with people who actually invested at least a few bucks... man i'll just go on cyberpunk ! when they release a mp module ! they got the money and ambitions ! when you start a project like this you gotta have investors and adverts that give $$$ to roll on ! C'mon ! there is still like 10% of chance that this awesome project rise up ! The idea was great, theory was like a dream for RP'ers but now in practice it seems just like a scam. (excuse my english im french )
  2. Hi Hoy !

    Hi, already ? let me get on game first(when it's released) then my character might join
  3. Hi Hoy !

    Haha if they look the same it's cool ! Thank you guys ! oh btw i love Roleplay and i used to play on GTA SA MP & now untill this Identity RPG comes out im on GTA V Network on some good RP servers
  4. Hi Hoy !

    Hello , im Jay from Brussels - Belgium just supporting this game and that's why i joined, i love the idea and hope it's gonna be a lot of fun ! i've been playing tons of games but now im more chill, yes got kids (and real life too lol) so im not online all the time, but it will be a pleasure to play hours when it will be available and when im available too. Keep up the good job and hi to the whole community Cheers from Belgium ! Get a good beer and BELGIUM fries ! (french fries are not original) !