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  2. Favorite Car?

  3. Rate the signature and avatar of the person above you.

    Signature: 6/10 Avatar: 8/10
  4. Favorite Car?

    Civic VTi <3
  5. Favorite Car?

    Each one with their tastes, just like you think it's ridiculous they like tuning cars, they think it's ridiculous to want to play life simulator.
  6. Show him this forum.
  7. Just Pleged Hope this game is amazing!

    The possibility that the players make this game a parallel life makes me very hyped.
  8. Hello everyone. I would like to present an idea that I got after reading some sports topics on identity. I present you Sports Association in Identity - SAI The SAI will be an organizer of 4 sports modality (or less, it depends). The organization will be done through a blog (afk) where it will be possible to find dates of the next games, seasons calendars, results of previous games and also some information about the hirings and changes of cast of the teams. We will have a TV channel (twitch) where the matches will be transmitted. (I still do not know which are the days and times of transmission will be and I do not know if it will have a narrator.) Our method of obtaining money to pay our employees and also to pay the prizes of the winning teams of each modality will be through advertisements of companies interested in advertising in our TV channel. We will also partner with apparel companies to produce the uniforms of each team (teams will pay for this), uniforms may be stamped corporate sponsorships. I can not yet give certain values because I do not know how the real economy will be in game What do you think? Can it work, yes or no? Why? I tried to detail the maximum because if I can not make it real, I hope someone does. I'm sorry for bad English (translate-google), I'm a lazy and I did not study English as I should have. I'm so hyped for this game!!!!!!
  9. Identity Island Football League

    I think it's a great idea but I think prices are too high, it will take a long time for people to get that amount. How will you get money for both the club and the organization? Perhaps through sponsorship?
  10. K.O.

    hell yeah!
  11. The First Governor Debate

    I think after the module is released, many new players will appear and with that many other candidates for governor.
  12. Should I buy Arma III?

  13. Holiday Events (Suggestions)

    I'd rather have two events a year that have some quest to do and get rare items. I know that devs do not want to get involved in the game's economy but we can take it like it's a lottery prize.
  14. Karma System

    In my opinion, this is a great idea.
  15. Rare Items

    Any current information about rare item? I WANT RARE ITEMS!!
  16. The First Governor Debate

    Calm down guys. Peace out.
  17. Voting for the "Dark" sides will probably work ?!

    I tried to say that your response was convincing.
  18. Voting for the "Dark" sides will probably work ?!

    Guys remember, TAX is THEFT!
  19. The First Governor Debate

    Will this happen?
  20. Sports Association in Identity - SAI

    Yes sure, do you have any servers in the discord? I do not really know how this works.
  21. Olá, Gostaria de saber se no jogo haverá alguma maneira para um jogador fazer um contrato com outro jogador se comprometer a cumprir. Por exemplo, um contrato de trabalho entre o empregador e o funcionário ou coisas que não envolvem trabalho como trocas. E se no caso de o contrato não é comprometido, o que aconteceu com o desavergonhado? e No jogo haverá uma maneira, por exemplo, um empregador para ver o passado de um jogador para verificar, por exemplo, se ele tem um passado criminal? Obrigado e desculpe pelo translate.google