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  1. :)

    RP Name: HypebeastOfficial Forum Name: Hypebeast Age: 15 Why do you want to work for Supreme™?: Ever since I was 10 I always new about that red box logo showing up on youtube and people wearing it and stuff, after my 14th birthday I got out of my bed to look it up, though Im not the biggest fan of supreme I would still like to work here since this company mainly focuses on streetwear, which is what I like. What area are you looking to work in? (Corporate, Design, Retail): Design What Position are you applying for?: Graphic design, im very good with graphical designs Do you have a working mic?: Blue Snowball, yes I do Tell me a little bit about the history of Supreme™: Founder of this company is James Jebbia, clothing design was usually meant for skaters (skateboarders). First store was created in Manhattan back in 1994.
  2. Just got my bape stuff

  3. Need More Poeple For INVERTUS

    Oh Sorry Lol, forgot that there was two
  4. (Streetwear Brands) An Idea

    The thing is there is a copyright restriction, and I have to have legal rights inorder to use brands like those in a another trademarked game. Thats why games like gta 5 have to remake their own los angeles and stores and stuff
  5. resist · Streetwear Clothing

    ME LIKEEE. Maybe invertus and this can collab lol. Like Supreme and northface collab lmao
  6. (Streetwear Brands) An Idea

    Thank you Sir
  7. We Will be needing more people to take job positions in Invertus. Invertus? Whats That: Have you ever seen or heard brands like Supreme? Or Bape? Those are high end clothing brands, basically we are here to create a modern style of trendy clothes for Identity. I am currently the Design Manager. Avaible positions are listed on this forum: Consider joining if you have passion in style
  8. (Streetwear Brands) An Idea

    Yo Join Invertus Clothing brand, I joined it, the owner is TonyOcculta
  9. Are You A Hypebeast?

    If You Are Whats your most HYPE Clothing?
  10. Are You A Hypebeast?

    If You Are Whats your most HYPE Clothing?
  11. A Book Club

    Maybe Like Magazine Creations And Stuff Like That
  12. Invertus | Fashion Just Turned

    Thanks Man
  13. Invertus | Fashion Just Turned

    Oh haha My Names Hypebeast no hyperbeast, can you fix that thanks
  14. A Book Club

    Cute Idea Lol