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  1. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    I would consider the growth of Zeus to be interesting over the past few days, and if anyone is considering to apply for a position within Zeus; then please private message me that application as we will not be updating our website from now on - until the game is complete. - Gabriel
  2. Donaldson & Guns - We Supply the Protection

    On behalf of Zeus corporation I would like to arrange a meeting at your soonest convenience to discuss business deals regarding our distribution. Kind Regards - Gabriel
  3. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    Afternoon again guys, it seems Identity has gone silent, I have not heard a lot of information about any possible releases of Identity, if anyone here could give me some more info on this, go ahead and reply to this message. Thanks - Gabriel
  4. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    Sorry about the pause, but I have been working hard in the real world... I will be back active from now on!
  5. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    Looking for recruits today guys! Just head over to our website in the post above, and put in your application!
  6. Big Dog Corporation (Accepting Applications)

    Ok, please tell me a little bit more about your business...
  7. Big Dog Corporation (Accepting Applications)

    No offence man, but I really don't think anyone would ever want to join any type of business which involves the owner being someone with from what I can see, horrible grammar. I had a quick word with another Head of Zeus, and we have chosen not to involve you in any business deals. Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  8. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    SLOVACECK That would be great if you guys could try to get us some members! We are looking for new recruits every day! Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  9. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    Some updates: . The logo is finished . Still need to make banner . Website finished . Adverts need to be done . We need to get into contact with some other businesses and make some deals That is all for now. Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  10. Atlas Corporation

    Dear Atlas and Aegis, It has come to my attention that one of my workers have gone out of line and said some rather unkind things to you guys. I would like to assure you that what he has said has no connection to our business, and that he will be punished for what he has said. Here in Zeus, we aim to make as much peace with the public as possible, and that includes trying to partner up with companies like you. It is true that at one point, we had the idea of calling ourselves Atlas, but that ship soon sailed after we found out that the name was already taken by a well respected company. Doing my best about what an embarrassment this is, I would like to make a deal with you. I will explain everything in private, but this will regard us getting in contact. I will update you soon on further information. Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  11. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    We are not a family, or a gang, or even a mafia for instant! We are a corporation, we stand for the good and well being of the people. We already have plans in place for making enough money to fund ourselves in all of our ideas. Zeus will start off small, and eventually grow, and become a large corporation. I am willing to tell you but one of our ideas, but please understand that we are very careful with what we give out to the public. We will be first off placing our brand on every product that we invent, which gets us kick started in advertising. That is all I will be saying, no more about that, unless you apply to become a head distributor. The thing hat separates us from things like the mafia, and gangs, is that we will be not doing illegal activities of any sort; we will be putting most of the money into the business account, which means that we know how much to calculate to give everyone a fair salary. sorry about the late reply by the way. I have been busy lately. Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  12. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    SYYM We will be hiring different people to be in-charge of different areas. Our entire Corporation will basically be a mixture of lots of different things. We will basically be selling the normal every day good etc, same, or even lower prices than other companies, but we will have our Logo. Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  13. Zeus Corporations™ (Zeus™)

    DRIVENMUFFIN I really like your ideas! I will actually be taking everything you have said into account, but please understand that the Security idea will be a thing on the side (so basically, we will make our own security force instead of relying on another company to supply us with enough officers). Also, reading the other comments, I will change the name to Zeus Corporations, as Incorporated means you are basically joined up with the government. And by the way, I posted this idea as fast as I could (the one about branding everything), so I know that hopefully, no one else will even think about messing with us! Some updates: I am actually mid making the logo now! We will have a website up very soon! You will be able to apply by Sunday 27th February for definite (if not before)! Kind Regards - TOMA HAWK569
  14. Zeus Corporations™ Dear Citizens of Identity, We are Zeus Corporations, we have the goal of becoming on of the most powerful companies in Identity. We will be holding trials/selections for different jobs within our company. Of course, we will not be taking on anyone who cannot be sure to prove themselves to be trust worthy. On a whole we have the goal of putting our brand on every single product, and generally making life easier for the people. We will be lowering the price of your standard groceries from which can end up costing you a lot of money over time as it is. We will achieve this by having our own farms, from which we will sell you the product at a more affordable price (c). Along the side of this idea, we will also be running a security operation with a twist. We will, of course, give people trained security officers to protect a specific VIP if necessary, but we will also carry out "deeds" that can be considered, a little in-humane at some stages. What can I say, business is business. Jobs up for grabs: > Gun/Firearm Managers > General Store Managers > Security Officer (also comes under the class of PMC) > Unreported Activity (No information given) > Clothes Store Owner > Head of distribution (will be based in our HQ) > Head of security (Based in HQ, but also has the job of leading security in the field) > Vehicle Mechanic (we need lots of different mechanics, depending on what needs to be repaired/upgraded/any work that really needs to be done) > Medical Officers (we need some medical trained personnel, as we will be having a private hospital, which supplies only the best health care) > Car Traders (this may become illegal, but of course, one of the CEOs will explain everything you need to know when you join) > Boat Traders (this may become illegal, but of course, one of the CEOs will explain everything you need to know when you join) Perks: For every Single Job, people will get perks. An example of what I mean is, say for example our clothes stores, you will not only have access to cheaper clothes, but you will have free medical care, and never have to worry about not having enough money to survive again. We will also insure that your family is well looked after, and protected to the best of our ability. Just to make sure you understand that we are a serious business, the first few people who are actually in, will be getting a large bonus on top of their usual pay check (this will apply for all jobs). Meet The Team so Far Current Head/Owner of Zeus Corp™ : TOMA HAWK569 Current Head of Security: 8ob2431 Current Unreported Distribution Officer: Blinx Atomix Our All New Logo Join Us TODAY! Apply at: