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  1. Create Your Identity

    Name:Michael Rael Age:24 From (San Jose, USA): Appearance (average,5'9'' ): Attire:Black Hoodie, Dark Blue Jeans,White Sneakers Job: Cab Driver,Gun for Hire,Trafficker Detail of House:Lives in car Detail of Car/ Vehicle: Rusted Personality:comes off Friendly yet distant,approachable,gift of gab,excellent people and sales skills Background:,grew up in bay area parents were Tweakers so they didnt report son missing when he ran away at 13 since then Michael was caught 3 years later at 16 for trying to bring cocaine,marijuana,and MDMA, into mississippi Did 2 years in Walnut Grove Youth Detention Facility released at 18 has been suspected of several crimes from drug possession to distribution and home invasions charged with gun sales but it never stuck due to lack of evidence and witnesses so on paper a proper citizen a year later attended college and Got a Degree in Information technology with an emphasis in security hacking then disappeared after college current whereabouts unknown last seen obtaining his passport and driving a rusted cabbie in the direction of Town Square
  2. What will you RP in identity?

    i plan on becoming a teacher then getting cancer which will force me to make meth to support my wife and disabled son and i will take a suburban drug dealer under my wing as he calls everyone bitch along the way and smokes meth as well boy do i know how to chose em but in the end he will turn his ways around untill i tell him i tried to murder his GF son cuz he wanted out of the biz but we will make up and i will betray him so he can be enslaved to cook meth for some people i suspect are racist but hey he got my wifes brother killed did i mention hes DEA boy was i in a pickle but ill go back to save my enslave friend whom i had a love/hate/father son i never had relationship with by building a kick ass turrent gun out of my trunk that activates by my key alarm and get shot in the process and die by a bunch of meth cooking equipment well my partner ride away in the wind also my cancer was cured a long time ago
  3. NCA?

    also wat about a limit on how long i will be persued for a murder and will the class of the player count towards the punishment like if i shot a criminal vs if i shot a goverment official or a cop
  4. NCA?

    so i can be a serial killer so stealth can be key in this aspect right like knife kills from behind or how to be classified as a serial killer
  5. Developer Q&A that I did.

    good stuff bro
  6. system requirements

    does anyone have a guess or maybe some facts about what the minimum and recommended system requirements will be
  7. system requirements

    people are using the search bar old post show up I admit my fault in any mix up but this post was meant to be peoples thoughts not any type of official answer as jamesluck said it is to early to say but I like his guess I will do my best to be more specific in any more post I create
  8. system requirements

    just wanted to start a convo about this yea theres topics on this already but I wanted to know what people think it will be ALRIGHT shit
  9. system requirements

  10. system requirements

    this was a question of ideas and thoughts along with maybe some1 knows some facts I know there are non I was asking opinion if you didn't understand that its okay but don't be a dick asupra
  11. 1st module is delayed yay!!

    no I don't think the delay will push that far back the devs have been busy from what I heard flying around getting things done and its been flu season I wouldn't be surprised if they are just a lil sick if I had to guess it should be fine maybe a month or two later than there plan release date and hopefully the modules wont be delayed that long
  12. Alpha

    as for how long the beta will last I have read that the modules should be available for play all the way until identity is fully released
  13. Alpha

    when you click the shop tab the page your are taken to list the benefits you get with each package to gain access to the beta you need to purchase a package that has the beta access in its list of items you get as an example I purchase the cabbie package so I get beta access a rusty car and a founder hat
  14. Selling Shop Items

    true I didn't see it that way but what I ment that let say u have a car and want a new one and wanted to sell your old one is the idea I was thinking about bcuz cars are suppose to be customizable so maybe the artwork on a car u have that's one of a kind could have value
  15. Selling Shop Items

    I have to agree with jamesluck the point of the pledge is to be specific to the player but at the same time maybe it depends on the thing u want to sell like your car I could see if u wanted to sell that
  16. i understand that he was wrong and yea there is more time so be patient please but why do you gotta be a dick luck I mean dang people gona be curious gonna be ancy don't bury him before hes dead he/she made a mistake don't bite the head off
  17. Percent Progress

    het guys just got my identity a little while ago and I was wondering if anybody had an idea on how fast and by how much does the progress bar for the module move like how much percent by how long
  18. Percent Progress