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  1. Anyone still play?

    Of course, mostly when a new bug fix is coming out

    They moved to a new office in october 2017, so why the company is still registered in different place?
  3. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Poland here ^^
  4. Polish community

    I'm from Poland, ciesze sie, że są tu Polacy
  5. Workplace Ideas

    I need all of these :v
  6. Zoo

    Maybe in far, far future its possible, we will see
  7. Town Square Cars

    We have to wait until the module with cars
  8. When do you think the town square will be availabe?

    I hope that the module will be in this month
  9. Car Meets

    That will be nice to see all others cars on meeting
  10. Can´t see Devblog #5

    Maybe devblog will come with module ? The module is near
  11. How Diverse is our community?

    I speak polish and english, but I wanna learn japanese (Idk why).
  12. Identity City - Game

    Structure 44: Game dev studio
  13. Town Square Module in production?

    Im still waiting ...
  14. Town Sqaure

    When devs said that the Town Sqaure will be done this month ?
  15. What's the best part of Identity for you?

    I waited for game like that much time, realism and so many ways to choose