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  1. Skull & Bones Recordings

    So how would one go about singing for you guys? Like, I want to be a country singer. How would that work? All i do is vocals. i don't know how to write lyrics or make music.
  2. if so, what would be the professions we can choose from? like if someone wanted to make clothing, they just get a template and draw on it then upload? i hope this is a thing.
  3. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    how do i connect my steam account?
  4. Safe Lending

    That's why you sell the debt to collectors. You won't get all your money back, but you will get something rather than play the trust game.
  5. off duty

    so if i am a civilian applying to be a PO, and i already have a gun and licences, can i use my "civilian" gun while on duty?
  6. off duty

    well they would have to have a license before becoming a PO. and they get to take their gun home with them sooooo.... why would this be an issue?
  7. off duty

    but if you are a police officer then you should already have a licenses. t defeats the whole purpose (well not all of it) of being a police officer.
  8. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    i3, xfx 460, 12gb ram,
  9. New site for new community

    hey guys! i've been busy irl and couldn't get on the forums recently. but to hit some questions that where in your head, 1. i was going to update the site as soon as the game went live. 2. webs is the only place i go to if i want a "free" site. 3. if there is a database ingame, the site will be shut down. 4. the site would run across all servers. that's it as of right now. thanks for the interest in this guys, i love it when people get together like this.
  10. what was the arma 3 mod?

    im going to buy arma 3 but what was the mod that was made from the same guys who is making identity? @HairyGrenade @JamesLuck01
  11. Computers

    please forgive my stupidity, you already showed (or talked really) about it in a video. my bad.
  12. Computers

    this just came to mind, will we be able to create websites in game to sell clothing, etc?
  13. Good pistol variety

    i would LOVE to have a 1911. please add this in.
  14. house cost?

    how much will the 1 bd, 2 bd and such be? or have y'all figured that out yet. and will we be able to build our own?
  15. Option to buy items with real money?

    Also if they use irl cash, the game dev gets a percentage.