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  1. Anyone want to play some games?

    Hello, i was just wondering if anyone wanted to play a few games with me, maybe make a regular gaming group as we wait for town square. games i have are Gauntlet planetside 2 Ark castle crashers terreria starbound tree of life can get others.
  2. I'de be up for playing gauntlet or planetside 2. or others if you have one in particular you would want to play.
  3. I was hoping that this game will get a good music system. one where you can compose songs like ones in ABC or MML format and play them together with a band. I feel that this would be great for music liking players and would spark a lot of creativity. imagine playing with 3 of your friends in the concert hall and perhaps becoming a famous band in game. I hope that this can happen as i have seen things like it be done in other games.
  4. I had an idea of giving players the ability to upload videos, perhaps ones they themselves make, and have them approved by a staff member or something like that, then when approved it would play as a movie from time to time at the cinema. I can imagine players making shows or movies and putting them in identity.
  5. Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone wanted to get together and play some games. im up for any game really, i have a bunch like gauntlet and planetside 2. message me or post here if interested! ~Sofetios
  6. Dominoes here!

  7. Hello Everyone! The Idea of Identity Unity is to make a community where people can collaborate events, ideas, and other things. A place where we can do things together and have a bustling community of players. I'm hoping that with your help we can make this community great. if you have any ideas, please feel free to post about it in the events forum on our Enjin website ( ). Events can be things like a checkers tournament (Identity should have checkers), a Karaoke night, a gaming night, and other things we can come up with. This forum is mainly about identity, but you can also collaborate with other people on here to play other games. We will be doing events before and especially after Identity's Town Square Release. I hope that with your help we can grow into a good and active community! Please consider joining! I am a bit new to running a community, but i'm sure as things go on that things will go well. We do plan on going on the same server when Town Square releases, so we can plan for that. Website Discord
  8. I had the idea that perhaps there could be a game maker in identity. It would be a few basic tools that would allow you to make a broad array of different games. kind of like a blank canvas before someone paints on it, the game making system would be the blank canvas, easy to make and simple, but endless possibilities. If a simple system like this could be implemented, i'm sure that I and others would enjoy it. The games could incorporate things like dice, cards, game boards, etc. Just an idea but one I hope comes true.
  9. Barbershop Quartet

    great! maybe we can even practice over skype or discord.
  10. Barbershop Quartet

    Im totally new to singing but i could give it a go! i am a bit shy about my voice though. untested.
  11. Thank you Dimmies and Lucioustimes! Its good to know that we likely can sell books and not just have them in the library.
  12. Hello, I am planning to play an artsy type character. Music, Art, Writing, etc. If there are any RP groups out there that would like me to be a part please message me or post here!
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew if I could sell books i write. i was going to try and make a bookstore if possible. i just hope books aren't just for the library.If anyone knows if we can sell books please let me know.
  14. I was wondering if there is a system in place that prevents people copying artwork, music, and writings from being copied by someone other than the actual creator. Is there a system where only the owner can copy their creations and sell them? I personally would love to write books, make artwork, compose a song, then make copies and sell them. Is there a system for that as well? Thank you, if there is any similar information as well someone could add please go ahead. -Sofetios