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  1. How will the witness system work?

    Sorry for the mini-necro. Like LUCKYDUCK said, they won't know unless they're wanted for something. Other than that expect it to be looked into as if the given info is true until proven otherwise.
  2. I myself get on every once in a while as I have few things bookmarked, and the forums is one of them, but I'm mainly just waiting for release now. Edit: I know I'm late to make the post, I just thought to myself how I checked the forums considerably less, and have changed the title from "Now that we have a release date" to "Since we have a release date."
  3. Server Operators Question

    Oh then no. It will be a 1-time payment.
  4. Server Operators Question

    If by sub-fees, you mean microtransactions, then I'm 99% sure they've said there is currently none planned.
  5. Server Operators Question

    From what I've heard so far, yes, because of the amount of resources required to run the server, and I do not believe it'd be necessarily cheap either, so unless you have a big fanbase/friends you want to play with, renting a server wouldn't be the best option financially. I do not believe this will be an option simply as I said above, due to the extensive resources required. I am not sure about what I've said above, it is just to my knowledge and what I've heard/read on the Discord/Forums/YouTube videos covered by people like TheDynasty
  6. Buying a Citizen VS Founder Password

    Founder is what gives you access to modules. (TBA SoonTM) Citizen will only grant access upon full release. (est 2018)
  7. Will they do it?

    It's already been said on stream and in Discord that it will be announced October 31st or September 1st which is why I voted
  8. Will they do it?

    To the people who voted this, if you truly feel this way, why are you still here? Why are you active on the forum? Why don't you refund and go look at another game? I have a few suggestions on games you can wait for that I also am waiting for: Star Citizen Scum Chronicles of Elyria Dead Matter Clicking on the name will take you to the designated website.
  9. Quick PSA to all of you out there. There is said to be a dev blog coming end of the month/Sept 1st, where the release of Town Square will be announced. If you really want to know more info, do yourself a favor and join the Discord. Devs are actually decently active on it.
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I realize this was posted 2 days ago but I thought I should give you the heads-up, the 2017 way of saying you're sarcastic is doing /s
  11. PC specs?

    They're saying if you can run GTA/Arma you can run Identity.
  12. Dev Blog

  13. 89%

    Not quick at all, but I'd rather they take their time than release a broken game IMO. It's updated when the devs feel they've reached a milestone. It's updated as much as the devs feel they've made in progress. Also, I said in Discord, in my opinion it probably won't be updated (to 99%) or anything like that, it'll more than likely just not be updated and go straight to 100% upon release. No point in moving it < 11%.
  14. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    OS: Windows 10 HomeProcessor: i7-7700RAM: 8GB DDR4GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 (3 GB)
  15. Attacking People For What They Want to Do In Identity

    The problem is people are making plans for the Town Square Module. You aren't going to be able to do much because it is as it's described a "Social Module," which means we'll be able to walk around and enjoy the scenery. I haven't been paying very much attention but I'm pretty sure somewhere they said the things you'd be able to do. (Maybe on Discord or something.)