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  1. At this rate? im expecting this entire website to magically disappear, or another pushback... I honestly don't think were going to get a game, let alone a good one. it just seems like the money either ran out or something else. And to be honest, we all should have seen this coming, the lack of communication, the usual setbacks, I don't think by a minute this is a scam at all, but i do believe it was a game created by people who didn't have much communication or experience between themselves and the community which led to the funds drying up on monthly pay and concepts/ideas that were half built but will never see the light of day. Which is a shame since I really enjoyed the idea of a more fleshed out DarkRP/AltisLife. Asylum Entertainment is of course welcome to prove me wrong.
  2. A question, if you would, are you planning to add assistants/advisors/secretaries to assist in keeping the island safe? If so, do we have their names?
  3. Paratus: "we expect this delay to be short-lived" (X) [Doubt] Seriously though, I understand that developing a game is hard and new companies have to understand their limits to their capabilities when making games. But from experience, can we really believe this? or is this "short-lived" delay actually going to be another month or two delay? I'm sure Asylum Entertainment Inc have heard of "development hell" well, from the information given to us, all the signs are pointing towards being stuck in limbo. I'd be honored if you could reply and give us some reassuring insight into whats going on. and maybe answer a couple of questions? 1. why is it that you keep expecting the module to be ready for a certain date, then get to the date and realize that actually you were nowhere near it? 2. why didn't the gameplay demo we recently received showing parts to do with the S.W.A.T and RACING modules but not actually showing us anything to do with what you've created thus far since the apartment showcase? you would think that the best way to quell turmoil in the community would be to release something showing what you've done so far with what your about to give us. not something that was supposed to be created AFTER the the first promised module was done. you even stated when it was released that a lot of the models, textures and animations were placeholders. 3. why hasn't there been much clarity in your responses towards whats going on at Asylum Entertainment Inc? (I understand that the announcements do provide a lot of information but they don't match up to the delays posted and talked about) I'm no game developer (however I am currently getting qualifications to be one) but I think if you could answer as many of these questions the best you could, it would put a lot of our minds at ease, even if the answer isn't the best news, as long as we can have something to make our own assumptions on would be great. (in the end these are questions I have asked to myself and if anything isn't what someone else would want asked or feel offended by my post i apologize in advance)
  4. Called it

    i was hopeful but i'm loosing faith fast, if another delay occurs, i'm bailing.
  5. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    Woah chill, what’s wrong with a company trying to compete in a tough market? It’s not like it’s going to affect you? Plus he’s just doing what he wants to do, same as me and many others.
  6. Trident SecurityLTD "Protecting the Future" Who are we? Trident Security is a private security firm that specializes in countering criminal activities that would endanger the lives of many. We offer a large scale of business security and individual protection to a wide scale of people ranging from small businesses and individuals who feel unsafe to massive corporations and high class politicians who require escorts through hazardous areas or deterrence from high class threats. Why are we needed? As Identity is in its final stages of preparation before their first module release, it is expected that all aspects of the game are to be tested and used as soon as possible. This includes shoplifting, murder, robbery, assault and even political assassinations. With all of these inevitable situations only months away it is obvious that a large scale defense has to be placed to counter this until the law is introduced properly and assets are being used outside of the elections. Unfortunately with so many businesses setup and multiple politicians all putting their focus into setting up heir businesses and electoral influence, it will require someone to make sure that those who wish to make a "quick buck" or perhaps sabotage another person’s company or election. The police will be stretched at their worst time, you'll need someone to protect you and your assets, someone who can guarantee your safety and ensure that you can sleep peacefully without fear of waking up to a business nightmare. Our official website If you’re interested in what our business provides, you can learn more on our website A note from our CEO Hi I’m Daniel, Founder and CEO of Trident Security. I know you’ve got a lot of things to say about this, some being “ugh more PMC’s” and “you’re not very detailed” I’d like to address these points if I may. Firstly, the point about there being too many PMC’s on Identity, yeah I’ve seen it, there’s tons of PMC firms out there, advertising security like no other, it’s a pretty harsh and crushing market at the moment. But when apple decided to unofficially monopolize the phone industry, did everyone stop making phone businesses? Nope, they kept at it and eventually succeed them (I’m sure I annoyed some apple loyalists out there somewhere) I made this company purely because security firms are what I enjoy. How creating a market in protection was always fascinating to me. As a blacksmith in Skyrim once said “I don’t claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun, all I ask is a fair chance.” Secondly I kept it not very detailed on this post because I actually spent most of my time trying to perfect my website, that’s actually where all the information is. If people are interested in our business, then they’d be inclined to check out our website for a more in depth look at our services. (TLDR: it’s my choice and I’ll do what I dam well please!) Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I spent time into making and hope that you will at least consider either becoming a customer of Trident Security or maybe even working for us, either way I’m just extremely grateful for the fact you simply took the time to read this! Career openings At Trident Security we have a multitude of jobs available for anyone to take up. If helping keep order in place while making a living sounds good but wearing a police outfit just isn’t your style, contact us! We're always happy to meet new people. Current hierarchy of Trident Security CEO of Trident Security - Trisword Financial Director - Andrew811 Human Resources Director - Vacant Logistics Director - Vacant On foot Security Manager mobile transport manager offshore security manager -Racket- -Vacant- -Vacant- Paramilitary Manager -Vacant- On foot Security Guard mobile transport Guard offshore security Guard -Multiple Vacancies- -Multiple Vacancies- -Multiple Vacancies- Paramilitary Trooper -Multiple vacancies- Our available services At Trident Security our services are devised into customizable and easy to work with packages. To place a purchase for our services, please visit our website and place an order. If accepted, you will receive a message in your email asking various questions regarding the job; in this time you will also have the chance to raise any concerns or questions. Making a Partnership Here at Trident Security, we are all about making more friends than enemies, we don’t want competition, we want safety for the people of the island. were here to make others’ lives easier, not to be the top dog. If you want to initiate a partnership with us, please privately message me with your intent and I will respond as soon as I can and update this post.
  7. Used gtx 1070 searched 350-400 dollar

    good luck, gpu's are all extreemly expensive or non existent at the moment because of the bitcoin miners
  8. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    I know, thats why I made a TFW joke.
  9. In the recent email they sent, they said they had to push back the date 1 month more
  10. Blackburn Secure Transport Service (BRTS)

    couple of things just to help out Asylum has said that there isn't going to be armored vehicles (aside from swat (Possibly)). perhaps work on the layout of your post in order to increase the look andprofessionalism of your business. maybe come up with a single logo, from what i see at the moment you haven't decided on a specific logo for your company and instead your using multiple different ones. (remember a logo needs to be something memorable that by just showing the picture, people will know who it is (e.g. Apple, McDonalds). (i too used Arma 3 for my images on my website and i gotta say, they are pretty helpfull but when you use them, perhaps consider using mods as well as more.... professional outfits (not that your uniforms aren't professional already, but the one inside the safe with the money... well, he looks a bit like a modern pirate) of course these are just my opinions, it's your business, you can customise it however you like!
  11. Simple Post About the Video...

    i think we should all just stop talking about the video and wait for what little time we have left until the module is scheduled for release before we make any more judgments
  12. We all hope, it’s asylum we’re talking about, their not the best at meeting deadlines..
  13. should i upgrade

    ive been wanting the VIP pack for a while now, but im quite nervous as to wether 500 usd is worth it... not to mention the.... event's that occured in the "gameplay" video it's kind of made me uneasy as to whether i'll get something of equal worth back from my purchase. what do you think? should i get VIP for identity? Update: Thanks everyone for their feedback, the reason I posted this was because i wanted to buy a graphics card, in the end I made the decision to buy speed demon instead as it wasn't that much of a leap in cash. (i was going from 30 usd to 500 usd at first, now im going from 30 to 250 which misses the sheer leap in cash required for 2000 and a 2 bedroom apartment.) I wasn't wanting to spend my cash as eagerly as I was because I wanted to purchase a graphics card beforehand and... well we all know how much graphics cards cost atm (dam miners) so I guess I can hold it off until the prices go down and I work the money needed again.
  14. should i upgrade

    Update: Thanks everyone for their feedback, the reason I posted this was because i wanted to buy a graphics card, in the end I made the decision to buy speed demon instead as it wasn't that much of a leap in cash. (i was going from 30 usd to 500 usd at first, now im going from 30 to 250 which misses the sheer leap in cash required for 2000 and a 2 bedroom apartment.) I wasn't wanting to spend my cash as eagerly as I was because I wanted to purchase a graphics card beforehand and... well we all know how much graphics cards cost atm (dam miners) so I guess I can hold it off until the prices go down and I work the money needed again.
  15. Utopia Communications - Public Relations Agency

    Sounds promising and usefull... I may contact you in the future should things go to plan. Best wishes from Trident Security!
  16. Okay so i'm seeing a lot of complaining about the gameplay video that came out recently, I know it looks pretty bad but please, let me be the devils advocate here Firstly, it was showing pieces of models and animations that aren't even in the module that's being released. I wouldn't be making this post if it were demonstrating the town square and it was all low poly template animations, in fact i'd be complaining too. Secondly, like i said before, their placeholders, the graphics aren't going to be like that (I hope) nor are the animations and the only thing that i didn't see people dislike was the meth making system, and that! That is the only part of the game that were probably going to see in the first module that was shown in the video, not combat, not driving, not arresting just jobs! (even that i doubt will make it into the first module!) Could they have done better? yes definitely but they were stuck in a situation where people would get annoyed either way, they had to make a choice between no gameplay trailers and another missed deadline apology or, producing a trailer with what little they have at the moment, giving people something (even if it wasn't what we were hoping for) and at least having the ability to hide behind a "We did keep out deadline this time!" card. But what do i know. I have no idea what goes on in Asylum, this is just my best guess. that someone made a bad PR choice and we got the mess of the gameplay I just want to also say, I am in no way saying that Asylum are innocent when they came out with the gameplay video. i'm just trying to let people see the other side of the fence before they make a decision.
  17. Before we all get mad at the dev's

    agreed i'd much rather the devs place all their focus on perfecting the game instead of trying to appeal to all of us. the emails are enough for me, but like i said, they were stuck between a hard place and a wall, either they do what the mass says and release an unpolished video or they keep quiet and leave people in the dark, thus making them dissapointed regardless of whatever they chose.
  18. What rank have you bought from the shop ?

    I'm not sure but i might get VIP... i just don't want to have a situation where it turns out it wasn't worth the cost. (atm im founders)
  19. Give Me One Reason

    the majority of candidates that are currently wanting to become governor have put a lot of time and work into their promotion. if they decided that they would turn around one day and start shitposting another candidate, they would be putting quite literally a year of work at high risk. it wouldn't be worth it for them to.
  20. Trident Security - "Protecting the Future"

    Hi there JCMATTOS please visit our website to apply for a position in our company. there you will be given all the questions required to see if you meet the jobs requirements.
  21. So i was wondering when we would be able to get a list? or at least the info in order to compile a list of jobs we will be able to do, i mean ive seen a lot of jobs people WANT to do, but what jobs will we actually be able to do as it seems that most of the jobs are either taken by NPC's or simply not able to be done.
  22. Confirmed list of jobs

    what i mean is, jobs such as weapons dealer and cafe's have been taken up by npc's and/or are automated what else is there to do if everythings owned by the npc's (im starting to sound like robots are taking our jobs (which is pretty much whats happenening anyway XD))
  23. Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Forums Members?

    I'd like to wish that im popular in this community, but its pretty obvious that i havent taken many steps to get my name out there. im not really sure as to what everyone did to get so popular as they are now. what i do know is that lucioustimes, francepourlavie and brianhamilton are quite large names currently.