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  1. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    Great news. Thank you for your hard work developers.
  2. Identity Surpasses 26000 Members

    Splendid news!
  3. Dev Blog #009

    This is great but I am sad that there are no news about Paramedics/Fire department personnel yet.
  4. Anyone interested in EMS

    I am sure interested in becoming a paramedic.
  5. How much did you pledge?

    $90 USD (Kickstarter)
  6. First Responders Notice

    Thank you so much for sharing your views. Let us hope that some Identity servers will have rules in place to prevent insults and abusive behavior towards first responders.
  7. First Responders Notice

    Hello everyone. I would like to share a few things which have made me quite concerned lately. I used to be a paramedic/fireman in some Arma 2 and Arma 3 "real life mods." I enjoyed what I did in the beginning and saving other players lives gave me such wonderful warm feeling inside. However, what has caused me to stop playing such mods was a total disrespect towards first responders (particularly ambulance and fire departments). Other players and sometimes even police officers used to yell at me for responding too late to a call. I simply can not respond to five different calls at the same time. For them, that was not a valid excuse. I would sometimes be the only paramedic or fireman online since a great majority of other players loved playing "cops and robbers." I was constantly bombarded with insults such as "Fire department sucks", "Zulnex Paramedic sucks" and others. This does not help at all and only adds more stress on myself and my fellow paramedics/firemen. Hopefully this will not happen in Identity and if it still does, maybe there will be a server somewhere where all first responders will be treated with respect. I promise that I will do my very best to save as many lives as I possibly can. I will share a short little ambulance video to conclude this important notice. Take care everyone.
  8. What job roles will everyone have ?

    Just one firefighter (myself) and no paramedics? I am officially very worried...
  9. To all future First Responders

    What a nice idea! I love it.
  10. To all future First Responders

    Hello everyone. My apologies for re-opening this topic again but there may be some new members which have not seen it yet. I will share 2 videos as a reminder of what all future first responders may face in Identity. When you see an emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens on, please move out of the way when it's safe to do so. In order to save someone's life, first responders face extreme stress trying to get to their victims safely and very quickly. Please note all the hazards these ambulance drivers face on their way. Kind regards. Identity Paramedic, Zulnex
  11. Paramedics Uniform

    This one is my favorite.
  12. Road Infrastructure

    I got plenty of likes available, so I gave you one of mine.
  13. Road Infrastructure

    Hello everyone. I was thinking for the past few days about the importance of a proper road infrastructure in Identity. I know that many players will not find this topic particularly interesting. However, I have decided to share a few ideas and discuss their importance here. So, what is exactly a road infrastructure? "Roads are a critical component of any city's transportation infrastructure. The maintenance and rehabilitation of city streets ensures that the movement of people, as well as goods and services, continues effectively and efficiently." According to Wikipedia, there are quite a few different Road Infrastructure categories. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Road_infrastructure I know that it would be impossible for Developers to address each and every one of the above mentioned categories. Therefore, I will now mention just a few and briefly explain their potential importance in Identity. Firstly, let's start with the pavement markings. "Road surface markings are used on paved roadways to provide guidance and information to drivers and pedestrians." These would be very important in Identity for all those who are interested in following the traffic rules and help make everyones journey safer and less stressful. It would be impossible to include every single possible pavement marking in game, but maybe just a few important ones could make a huge difference in safety of Identity's drivers and overall enjoyment of the game. Here are a few examples: For those interested, there is lots more information here: http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/services/publications/fhwaop02090/twtmarkings_lgview.htm Secondly, let's briefly discuss the traffic signs. "Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users." This category is pretty much self explanatory. However, it's very important as well. Some basic signs would be very welcome in Identity for everyone's safety. Also, it would greatly help police officers to enforce the laws. If there are no traffic signs and road markings, it would be very hard to determine which driver was at fault in case of an accident. Basically our roads would be extremely dangerous. Here are just a few examples: There is tons of more information here for those who wish to find out more: http://www.trafficsign.us Thirdly, I just wish to briefly mention city/highway guardrails. "Guard rail or guardrail, sometimes referred to as guide rail or railing, is a system designed to keep people or vehicles from (in most cases unintentionally) straying into dangerous or off-limits areas." Guardrails would be absolutely crucial in Identity to protect the drivers against bad accidents and save lives in the process. Hopefully guardrails will be present on Identity's most dangerous roads. By all means - feel free to discuss your views here if you are interested. Thank you and drive safe!
  14. I would like to see the harp.
  15. To all future First Responders

    Thank you everyone. I would like to share another video which may be helpful as well.