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  1. How Did You Build Your Charcter?

    Damn fine job. Tough SOB who knows a thing or two about tech and has the drive to accomplish his goals. Looks like you'll be the assertive do-it-yourself individual.
  2. I'm unsure how player customization will look like (slider or present or ?). Either way I was hoping to clarify if someone can be of different body types in the full release.
  3. How Did You Build Your Charcter?

    Conner Smith moved out from his little town in the mountains and now leads a simple life driving commercially for Rezix Inc. He makes enough to pay his bills and splurge every now and again with a nice, fancy dinner. Conner's an honest man making an honest living, it's hard for him to accept that he now lives in the big city, surrounded with liars, criminals, and thieves. He knows his life is not worth his wallet or car. Conner is a friendly guy though, who hopes to connect with whatever neighbors he finds himself around. Think of it like your writing a story and this is your main character. Also this is where everyone posts jobs. Welcome to Identity and RP.
  4. Chat?
  5. Money and Safes

    Sounds like a good idea. Would be nice to have money decorations that require money to build.
  6. What Motorcycles should be in Identity!

    A good street bike like: And a chopper like: Would be enough with customization options.
  7. Citizen Package

    Thanks for asking Jackabm. Yes you can upgrade your package with no additional cost at any time. Buying Citizen will take $15 off of Founder or any other tier. I'm a Citizen and plan on upgrading to founder if the modules are decent, then from Founder to Motorist if I really like the game. All for no extra charge.
  8. Just got accepted for a driver job at Rezix Inc.!

  9. Hello from Oregon, USA

    Hello everyone from Identity. I plan on being a driver, hopefully in the industrial shipping area. I'd appreciate it if you could point me towards topics of interest in our community so I can get acquainted with our groups/gangs/businesses/political agendas. I look forward to playing with you soon.