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  1. in-case you didn't catch the title, will the first module be released on steam?

    @Joshua_Else for sure

    @Joshua_Else yeah but i don'tlike a busy friends list, i like to keep it simple, sorry.

    @Joshua_Elsethanks mang

    whats your youtube name or url?
  6. private server release

    will we be able to rent private servers once the town square module is out or once it hits beta, or full release?
  7. has everyone watched this interview with the devs?

    @JamesLuck01but they wont find a link to the YouTube channel where they will find allot more of content about identity, the interview video is just the highlight of the post so just calm your farm dude you dont have to have the last say on every post, it is more than annoying. this is who you remind me of...
  8. my new signature

    @jamesluck01 DILLIGAF, dude seriously get a life or at-least a job, you should be banned for spamming forums, you don't need to be apart of every thread c*ck smoker, if the actual moderators of this forum have a problem with something, let them f****ng deal with it, its not your job. give it a f****ng break, you are so annoyingly everywhere. go on report me! every time i see one of your posts this is the image i have of you in my head
  9. has everyone gone and seen this YouTube channel(, if you are after info about this game, you will find just about anything you need to know here! shout-out to PowerGaming7 for all of his coverage of this game @PowerGaming7 has allot of info on this game, including and hour long interview with the devs! i am aware that this has been posted, but the more people that see it cant hurt! @JamesLuck01
  10. my new signature

    my new signature
  11. Town square questions

  12. can your house be raided?

    okay very kool to know thanks guys!
  13. can your house be raided?

    can your house be raided by police, or is it a 100% safe zone?
  14. logout housing

    I think by rent, he meant taxes, because i know you can own houses... there was a dude that said taxes in the reply, i dont know why he deleted his comment
  15. logout housing

    oh neat system for that, thank you for the reply... very keen for this game