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  1. Emergency services suggestion

    Were i work which is the EMS/Paramedic station the code or as we call them "priorities" (prio 3, prio 2 and prio 1) is translated to: Prio 3 = Transport/not life-threatening/low medical attention, which means we have to be in the car and on the move in a few minutes. Prio 2 = Emergency but not life-threatening (like fractures and other minor injuries), 90 seconds to get to the car and be on our way. Prio 1 = Life-threatening, get to the car as fast we can but not more than 90 seconds. Only alarm we use sirens and lights is Prio 1, but there are times when we flick on the lights to temporarily get a quick passage thru traffic lights or traffic if we see it necessary.
  2. Anyone interested in EMS

    Personally hope they keep fire, medical and police separate.
  3. Anyone interested in EMS

    Could be wrong but have gotten the picture that everything will be reachable with vehicles. And considering the map size, the use of aircraft's wouldn't be justified looking at it from a realistic point of view.
  4. First Responders Notice

    The lack of respect for paramedics is what made me stop playing as a paramedic in previous mods also, but then if there is supposed to be any realism as a first responder to a gunshot wound or alike the police would automatically be called to the same incident. And as the paramedic, you would park your at a safe distance until the police call you in to do your job. If the police ain't there when you arrive you just have to wait for them.
  5. Paramedics Uniform

    I get too much of a red cross vibe from the red ones. But I like most of them in their own way
  6. Paramedics Uniform

    I'm very fond if this outfit.
  7. What will you RP in identity?

    Im gonna take parts of my actual life and just throw some RP in there to "spice" things up. Will aim to work in the EMS sector as i do in real life. But hey who knows what will happen in Identity!?
  8. Would there be a medical career?

    It´s crazy how different the schooling time is for different countrys. And thank you for explaining.
  9. Would there be a medical career?

    I have a question how long is the education for these firefighter/paramedics? Here in sweden the education to become a specialized paramedic is 4 1/2 years. And the "firefighter engineer" for example is 3 1/2 years. So here that would mean 8 years of education. The firefighters here are trained in basic life saving and can WITH delegation from a doctor give oxygene if it is really necessary. Thb i like and would like it separated.
  10. Ambulances

    I like the thought that a EMT will do a little more than just randomly stab people to life. I would also be happy if they had some more deepth, i mean epinephrine isnt the cure for everything. I also dont mean that we/they should have a pharmachy of diffrent drugs to choose from.