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  1. Hello from The Netherlands

    Welcome from UK
  2. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 23: This is a library shhhhhh!
  3. Rate the above song

    10/10 - i like the video; it reminded me of some childhood memories, like the goalpost table game and sword-fighting, (which i knocked out one of my front teeth doing once)... n yer, anyway, - I heard this yesterday listening to a Turkish playlist while the match was one and thought it was a really good song - the video is a bit soppy like but... the songs cool.
  4. runescape

    I played from 2004-2007 and then a mate of mine told me about OSRS so i got back on for a while, 2013-2015 - even at an older age it was still good, I still kinda miss talking to people on there but I got fed up of the combat and the grind - check my stats if u like my name was Gmasta Flax - i actually got a new month sub around christmas to see if i could get back into it, but i only played it 2 or 3 times, everyone bar 1 person from our group has gone now too so... I'm done with RS.
  5. Rate the above song

    haha i wouldn't even really call it a song, just needed it before putting on a united match, - 10/10 sound track. ...united won 4-0
  6. Rate the above song

    haha ok, i'll join that club - E-R I'll leave on this song then instead, gotta go watch Man United get beat now
  7. Rate the above song

    it was quality i played it a few times, its just rating songs in general gives me a headache... i might just start throwin 10/10 for everyone tho
  8. Rate the above song

    Nice and melodic, I just stared at the artwork the whole time it played as well... makes me think of subnautica - O.K, I've decided I'm not going to rate songs out of ten anymore because each one i rate brings me closer to having an aneurysm... and we wouldn't want that. So, I'll still probably post the occasional song but without ratings - here is one that a friend of mine used to think was called 'Rate Me' - if you change the P to a T, it's pretty much a song about this thread.
  9. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 11: A Go-Karting Grand Prix race track with a podium for top 3 racers
  10. Rate the above song

    4/10, its chill and a bit poetic but too soft for me;
  11. Rate the above song

    Bloody el I didn't know George Formby Jr had a kid! I like it though 7/10 - this ones me gta song
  12. Rate the above song

    8/10 That's a good sloot's song, can't knock er for talkin' straight. -
  13. Favorite Quotes

    haha thanks, I almost didn't post it for babbling a bit, best for my journal or something, so i'm glad it didnt get on your nerves but ye, it literally crosses my mind from time to time when they wind me up - it's a really fitting statement for some of them.