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    I'm looking forward to scuffed karaoke and games of chess
  2. Only 8 tasks to go!! 87% finished!!

    It has but okay
  3. Only 8 tasks to go!! 87% finished!!

    It's happened a couple of times already
  4. Only 8 tasks to go!! 87% finished!!

    Waits silently whilst another 20 tasks are added
  5. town square release date?

  6. town square release date?

    Suppose to be March time but can see it being May/June.
  7. Tower Unite

    Will do man
  8. Tower Unite

    Apologies if it is mods <3
  9. Tower Unite

    I bought it just last night, quite cheap too so wasn't complaining
  10. Tower Unite

    Hi guys, sorry if there has already been a post about this, not been on the forums for a few days, anyway. I recently came across a game called Tower Unite, if you're familiar with the tower mod from Gmod then you'll know what I'm talking about. Basically it's a social game where you start off with an empty house, and you have to play mini games like mini golf etc to get money to then buy stuff for your house or avatar. It has quite a few features that are coming in Identity such as the cinema idea and the in depth customisation of houses. I'm also 90% sure they're making it from the same engine that Identity are using Just a little suggestion for people that are waiting on the town square module:).
  11. About the final game

    Yeah I agree with that, I'm hoping it's not the case but I've seen it happen many times in the past with other games.
  12. About the final game

    Personally I think early access to the game is the main reward of being an early backer, the in game money etc is just a bonus. I wouldn't call it pay2win as it isn't really affecting game play, if they were to offer 'gun packages' etc then I'd call it pay2win
  13. About the final game

    Just to add onto the other comments, though there is a confirmed price for final release on steam, I'd also put money on different packages being available to choose from on steam. eg $60 for a set amount of in game money etc