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  1. On 12/1/2018 at 6:20 AM, Spike87 said:

    Seems like a lot of people are expecting the full game or beta to be released with this Town Square module.  The devs have said countless times that this is just a small part of a town (social area) where you will be able to see features the game will have to offer.  Streamers are even so dense that I heard one saying he doesn't see how the 3 modules will make a full game when the town square is so small.  I am a kickstarter backer of identity and everyone needs to be patient with it.  You aren't going to lose a leg if it doesn't come out today and there is no reason to stress out the devs over what is essentially a preview of features.  

    Yes, they said it was coming out way earlier and never did, delayed. Yes they do lack highly on PR and a proper response to the issue which is holding them back from releasing today, Nov 30th like they said they would, but some people need to calm down here with the "scam" accusations and be a little more patient than you are wanting to be.

    And to the developers, keep up the great work in development; Get much better at PR please and keep us more up to date on issues especially when they are happening.  Nothing worse than the developers MIA without much of a word on what is going on and everyone waiting around for something to come out.

    tldr; I think everyone can afford to be a bit more patient for something that is essentially a "demo" of features and not even the full game rather than freaking out over it not going live as expected due to some sort of error.


    Everyone should read what you said. People simply doesn’t understand that IT NEEDS TIME

    i’m not a game developer or smt, but by common sense this game is so detailed and a really big thing, of course they’re not gonna finish the game over night. Its weird how people want everything so quickly and not appreciating the effort from the devs 😪