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  1. So why doesnt "Speed Demon" get any changes? The $150 pledge gets the same as the $250?
  2. Let's talk about that Dev Blog

    Well, thats wraps that up.
  3. Let's talk about that Dev Blog

    Hopefully doesnt get released until at least the 2nd module or I would agree, there will be lots of hate towards the game because people on Steam just dont understand early access.
  4. I'll totally be joining the police force and trying to make it as far as I can. I dont have arma or anything but love watching the videos of it so Im looking forward to this game.
  5. Hii ^.^

    Welcome to the community!
  6. Money from pledge

    I would assume its on 1 official server you choose but I am not 100% sure.
  7. Website Ranks?

  8. Rezix Racing™ (Nascar)

    Hey man, Thats some awesome work! Really great stuff! Ever try the car the sky blue and the Rezix white? Colours would also be really great!
  9. Add more cars

    Yeah, they will need to clarify that because if I login and want to play in my career but I cant because there are already too many cops on Im screwed.
  10. Add more cars

    @JamesLuck01 Issue with having a cap on how many officers are on at one time, what if there are a lot of officers on? We cant play our career because of this? Example someone wants to play there career for 8 RL hours...thats 2 days in game, can they do it? Im sure a number of people will login during that time who have the cop career.
  11. Public Feedback After Violations Idea

    That sucks, I got a pretty bad ticket just before Christmas and the officer filed it "late" and I never got the ticket. I tend to call and give good or bad reviews. I was doing 90kph in a 50. I saw him, looked at my speed and was like "fffffcckkkk" and then just pointed I'll drive into where he was sitting so he didnt have to pull out and get me lol. It was in a construction zone on a Sunday. I knew better and I was straight up about it and then we shot the shit after for about 5-10 minutes and went on our ways. I have a number of friends who are cops in here Toronto and the crap they got to deal with and the stories I hear...god damn. Definitely deserve more credit than they get.
  12. This OR That Game

    Every forums I've been apart of, there has always been this game. Pepsi or Coke?
  13. If thats the case, buying anything well definitely take a lot of time.
  14. How do you become a moderator?

    Lulz but true enough.