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  1. 300 Block Boys

    We're still here.
  2. Drive-By action?

    That's why you spray
  3. You know this forum is starting to become cancer when people think they are investors. When you give a considerable amount of money in exchange for company profits or ownership then maybe you can call yourself an investor. Until then you're just some guy who paid for early access to a game that might fall apart before it comes out. Calling yourself an investor is like calling someone who preordered NBA2K17 an investor. You're just buying a product. Were you in the kickstarter? You're still not an investor even then, you simply donated your money.
  4. General Identity TeamSpeak Server

    No offense but I have a feeling this will die like the Discord chat.
  5. Important questions

    Bruh, just save up money for a year. 500 or so for PC parts, maybe 100 to get someone to build it (or a friend to, since you don't wanna build it yourself)
  6. So, "where" is everybody from?

    I heard this game from FrankieOnPC
  7. Communities

    I'm probably gonna just trap in a public server and that will be all I do in the game lmao. Btw I'm 15
  8. How much is 1000$ ?

    That's not that expensive for high quality shirts and pants
  9. Ohai

    @BluePandaIta Even though I have a gang I plan on designing street wear clothes like joggers and stuff in Identity as another source of income
  10. 300 Block Boys

    I am making a Steam group for people interested in wanting to be in the gang. This way we can keep up with everyone.
  11. What Computer Specifications Are The Lowest?

    Either way my gang is gonna need guns.
  12. What Computer Specifications Are The Lowest?

    Well it might be possible you can buy an NPC store that sells guns possibly.
  13. A problem with Identity

    Lol exactly. To be honest that won't stop be from doing crimes (obviously) but I wouldn't go around killing random people. I don't even in do that GTA lol
  14. Identity Island Name?!

    I think it should be something more like the US - which it's based on. Like say Revere Island (I made that based off Paul Revere)