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  1. Enough is Enough

    A budget issue, eh? Oh, because they spent all of our investment money on a luxurious office and high end crap they don't need? I knew that was the biggest mistake they've made back when they posted pictures gloating of all the shit they bought... that is something you do when you finish a complete game so you can continue to make a steady income. You don't blow your whole investment income on nonsense before you even make a product, bad business practice through and through. Amateurs.
  2. No update for 2 month??

    I knew these fuckers didn't know what they were doing the moment they bought a new office and all that fancy shit to fill it when they hit over 1 million is sales of NOTHING! They sold us nothing but an empty promise, used up all the funds on crap they don't need and now they are silent. These "devs" are the ones that give game development a bad name. What a load of shit. Give us our money back you CROOKS!
  3. Another One Bites the Dust...

    Haha, so true.
  4. So Y'all Know

    Um, who are you? Why should anyone care?
  5. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Cool... more clothes. This is like being a kid on Christmas morning...... /s
  6. Still Waiting..

    Yall are cute with your complaints about waiting "months". Haha.
  7. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    I knew it was over when they upgraded their office. It was way to extravagant and luxurious way too early in their rise. They've created such a large overhead with very little capitol. Unless they have private investors other than the backers, I didn't see their company sustaining itself without a product to sell. Edit: Here is what they're spending our money on, for anyone who hasn't seen it.

    REALLY dragging this out. The Town Square is probably going to be a boring glorified chatroom... At this rate we won't see any significant gameplay for another 30 years.
  9. DevBlog #010

    Great, Asylum spends all this money on a plush office and STILL nothing hands on to show for this game after 2 years... By the looks of that office you guys will be bankrupt in the next year if you don't have anything to give us. People are refunding like crazy and getting discouraged by the lack of a game.
  10. Hello

    Hello, I am Tony, I am looking forward to joining you guys in-game soon! Hope you all are doing well, have a great Holiday and be safe.