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  1. The Prodigal Son

    I'm back....... Wait.... I doubt anyone here actually remembers me seeing as how it has been a little over a year since I was last active here..... Holy crap that's a long time. I guess people deserve an explanation. If any of the oldies are still about you would remember that I was going into college, so that took up a lot of time, and (Somehow I really don't know, it is as confusing to me as it is to anyone) That girl who was sooooo far out of my league that it was depressing, actually started dating me. (Came to her senses a while ago though.) So yeah. Will be popping in more than annually now. hopefully. Signed The old King.
  2. When a gamer is born

    And you obviously don't understand irony.
  3. When a gamer is born

    She is 13. It's in the post! Damn Vix! Learn to read a language that you mastered while teaching yourself! God! The nerve. Duck, talk to here. Tell her that she can be a different kind of person. Bring her from the dark side. Teach her the way of the gamer. Make her swear on the gamer code. 1) Thou shalt not cheat.2) Thou shalt not flame thine teammates.3) Thou should'st never flame noobs. Because they are weaker than you.4) Thou shalt respect advice from higher-ranked teammates.5) Thou shalt not scam thine friend of their possessions.6) Thou shalt not use lag to thine advantage.7) Should you forget the Gamer's Code, thou shalt strive to become more honest than those who mimic these rules set-forth.8) If you do remember the Gamer's Code, then thou shalt try to spread its meaning to other Gamers.9) Thou shalt not report thine enemy for bannable-offenses. Because banning another player is not victory, but it is surrendering to the fact that them cheating makes them better than you. So it's not a source of pride to ban someone else.10) Thou shalt not afk while your teammates fight for your survival, because the one who looks down upon those who aid them is himself or herself not remembering... The Gamer's Code.
  4. Blade and Soul

    I remember you told me to play this. You tell me to play a lot of things. Maybe someday i will listen. From what i read about it game seems pretty cool. There is another game I was looking at, cant remember its name. it's an mmo (Not identity)
  5. Things that don't make sense

    Most voice actors play multiple characters. The Simpsons has like 16 voice actors apart from guests.
  6. Join the shoutbox here!

    *Contemplates the invitatation* Can't be bothered.
  7. Hello all!

    Hello and welcome to the community. We shake you firmly by the hand. I hope that you like it here and ........... Wait a minute. I never got my flashdrive off of her!!!! *Runs out of room*
  8. Things that don't make sense

    You, My cat, My brother, Your obsession with "Them", My lack of confidence despite how amazing I am, some books, some movies, some video games, and that little guy who bites people, whats his name? Ah yes! Kickapoo.
  9. your favorite moderator and your favorite developer

    I understood that it was targeting me for some form of violence, but you can hardly call me a knave for not having an interest in the sport.
  10. your favorite moderator and your favorite developer

    I have no idea what this means. Ha, please I used to have the most posts and be the forums unofficial moderator. Now both titles belong to you. I suppose I would much rather you than some knave who beleives he could go "fifty shades of Hayes" on me. I don't even know what that means.
  11. your favorite moderator and your favorite developer

    I got angry that Europa carnivalis didn't have the areas of Ireland right. This was ages ago though. Long before you had even come to the forums, miss pretend mod. Why do you have all my old titles?
  12. your favorite moderator and your favorite developer

    I recall a time when Katie had just joined the forum, and within 7 hours she was challenging smoking skeleton for the highest post count. I joined a few hours later and eventually added her on steam. Until she unfriended me. She is still my favourite mod though.
  13. What will you RP in identity?

    Prove it!
  14. What will you RP in identity?

    I was being attacked by phantoms, and I didn't have a weapon! How the hell was I supposed to know they couldn't be set on fire?
  15. What will you RP in identity?

    I already mentioned that, and it was partially your fault. Who in their right mind would give me a fire wand?