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  1. Spanish here too. I almost forgot I was into this game, and I will probably forget again a couple of times before being actually playable. Now, don't take this as a free rant, just letting time pass until we can actually meet. So count me in!
  2. Quick Question About Theatres

    If they are giving us those old movies, this copyright thing is the best that could happen to my ideal Identity. No, I'm not one of those who say modern stuff is bad, but imagine the theaters displaying Nosferatu, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Casablanca... Epic!
  3. Just Pleged Hope this game is amazing!

    I want to experience a life simulator in firs person view. I'll seek inspiration to paint a nice picture or write a book and will end up wasting my time. I'm excited to create a weird and crappy virtual version of the real me.
  4. How will the cars look?

    Be aware that there will not be reproductions of real models or brands, but probably in-game brands that may look some real ones.
  5. Car Companies

    There's always the player who desperately needs money and may sell their car, cheaper enough for you to still sell cheaper than the dealer and make a profit.
  6. IdentityMMO Subreddit and the Internet novadays

    I'll be honest. I don't see much difference between the screenshot you show and this forum. I wouldn't say this is the friendliest forum of the internet. I wish I could say, but of all the forums I usually visit, this is easily the easiest to cause flames. There's indeed very helpful and friendly people here also, thanks to which I keep coming. What's up with the internet? My theory is that people don't treat others the same way they would if they were face to face. There seems to be little respect or empathy in the written media. Maybe I'm old too and so I feel your pain. Maybe those other forums I'm in, are more frequented by older people than here, such as flight simulation forums, not sure there is correlation though. But yeah, I often wonder if people really talk to other people in person like they do in the forums.
  7. Designated Place For Grow Operations?

    I think there will be specific spots where you can grow. Yes, maybe backyards of houses or maybe other pieces of land designated for this. I think growing plants may take many server resources. That's why I think growing cannot be as flexible as using any spot where you find dirt. But I could be absolutely wrong on my assumption.

    In the housing video they display actual streaming content on the apartment TV. So you can stream stuff, promote your channel, and be some kind of journalist. On the written side, you can write books. OK, those are not newspaper, but nothing stops you from writing news or real stories and make them available for those who want to read them, even if in the form of a book.
  9. I think this will ruin the game

    The devs say identity is, at its core, a criminals vs cops game. On top of that, there are other professions, but even if everybody is a criminal or a cop, well, that's what the game is prepared to be. My feeling is that only some people want to do one of these roles. There are mafias and such, but their criminal activity is frequently embedded in civil professions.
  10. Just got my passport

    Hi all. I just got my Founder pledge. I would have liked to know about this game earlier, but just discovered it some days ago from the first 'gameplay' youtube video showing housing. To be honest, I've been a bit reluctant. I'm into Star Citizen, and the money raised so far is nowhere near. But the video shown by the devs seem to show what there's really made, and that's what I expect from the game. This is the kind of 'game' I can't keep out of anyway. I'm not really looking forward to rob banks or to be a cop. In fact, the first module already contains the features I'm really looking forward to. Looks like I still have time to increase my pledge to get a studio where to live and share with fellow neighbors. TL;DR: I just pledged. I'm in an looking forward to make a living in the neigborhood. Nice to meet you.
  11. ALIENS?

    It's statistically impossible that we are the only living things. But hey, having any of them at home is quite the opposite. People see strange things. Way too many people see way too strange things, and I personally don't mind if they are true or not, but without shitting in anybody's ideas, an alien in identity is not cool to me.
  12. Spaceships

    Hmmm.... I don't think you've even tried to find one, because there are quite a few great space games, and I find it very unlikely that none of them appeals you. Among them all, since you are in the Identity forum, your space alternative is most likely Star Citizen. Maybe I'll see you there someday.
  13. Example of a solid build for Identity

    I'm sorry that the general comments didn't fit OP's expectations. But let's be fair. Answers may in fact be what OP asked. Maybe not specific part number or models, but everybody here gave an opinion about a solid build for identity as valid as that of the OP. I honestly don't see offence in the answers.
  14. Example of a solid build for Identity

    Not only that, but the actual game may need less resources than the probably not optimized first module. I mean, OP has suggested a configuration to be somehow sure Identity will run well in, but (no offense), if after spending 2,4k in a rig you can't run Identity, you're doing things reeeally wrong. I think you can do with maybe half that money.
  15. This suggestion comes from this thread. There's obviously something that can be improved about the search bar when so many newbies come repeating the same questions, and creating tutorials or blaming them makes no difference. By the time the newbie realizes, he's no newbie any more. Solutions or at least improvements may be: - On the first post of a user, a message should encourage to read and use the search bar. - Make the search bar visible. That is, really visible. Why not flashing? Thanks @Hatoful
  16. Npcs

    No NPC children, just marriage afaik. NPCs should in my opinion exist as long as they are not needed to interact with. That is: as in real life, the shop vendor is actually an NPC in your real life. You don't really interact with him besides the functionality it provides. If a shop vendor in game was relevant to the story, then it would be an immersion breaker, but not if they only serve as vendors. And we need them because an empty shop is unrealistic. Same guess for NPC drivers. You don't interact directly with them, but empty roads are in my opinion a heavy immersion breaker.
  17. As @facade says It's not about how easy to find or to use is the search bar. It's about how likely is that a newbie is going to use it, and the numbers speak by themselves. They will find it easily as long as they look for it, which is not happening. Therefore one possible solution is to call their attention. I personally have nothing against reading the same first set of questions over and over, because I see why it happens. I disagree with those who complain about newbie behavior and also complain about proposed solutions, without offering alternatives.
  18. Exactly! Glad to hear the forum is having a makeover. You nailed the needs on this regard, in my opinion.
  19. Even if this thread may or may not be considered as bad as the other, OP has a point. There is fact behind it: Newbies don't read before posting and they don't use the search bar. You can't teach those who have not yet discovered the forum, so obviously this will keep happening. Maybe it's about time to make some self assessment. Maybe it's not newbies fault. Maybe the instructions are not clear enough, maybe the search bar is not that visible for a first timer. I think I'm going to suggest something in the appropriate forum.
  20. Calypso's Farm

    I don't seem to be able to stay in the same place in the same job for long, but I need to do a bit of everything, and this is something I will most likely be interested. I will visit your farm, and while I could probably (and maybe just barely) pay for a meal there, chances are I will ask for some work to do, for which I will ask in return to stay one or two nights and have something to eat. Maybe some story telling after dinner and some whiskey.
  21. Who is Interested in written ( text based) role play ?

    Count me in the group who will not use voice. I don't even look for a dedicated text server. I just don't talk. I write. No one is required to read my text though, to the same extent I'm not required to talk. There's people in real life who cannot talk, right? Isn't this a roleplay? Well, that's my role. I play at nights. I have kids nearby I don't want to disturb. It *never* has stopped me from having fun online. So, one more in the OP list here.
  22. When Nature Calls

    I think some of you guys are setting your expectations a bit too high... ... but, hey! Don't let my words stop you from achieving. You can always hire an artist that might paint your masterpiece for you in-game.
  23. Follow The Signs, 43.3

    I can see myself in my dirty studio apartment, in the evening, microwaving the rest of a pizza two days old, under a fading, sad yellow light while reading the morning newspaper, letting life pass. I could only be listening to your show. Looking forward to your original idea.
  24. Ownership of houses.

    Hi @Dmscar, welcome to Identity. Let me point out that, in addition to houses, there are apartments too. Maybe you know it, but since you have just arrived to Identity, maybe you don't, and it's possible that when you talk about houses, you talk about all real estate at once. So if you already know, just ignore this :-) In case you don't: apartments are unlimited in number, so everybody can have a house where to live and have privacy. Apartments are instanced, and nobody can enter your home. Unless you invite, which is also possible. This may be the balancing rule to real estate you were after. See you ingame soon.
  25. SHOULD I

    I read the question. My answer is: should he do what we vote or what he wants to do? My point is: he obviously wants to make videos. So why ask us what he should do?