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  1. Hello from IDAHO

    Welcome! Whereabouts are you from in Idaho? I live in Meridian, Idaho.
  2. Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the welcome! A variety really... I'm looking forward to the roleplaying particularly. Never played a RP game before, although I'm solidly excited to try, I just hope that most of the people role play as well so as to preserve immersion and my enjoyment, as role playing isn't fun if no one else does it, kind of loses the point. I hope to get a solid business up and running, investing in real estate as well and renting to other players if all goes as I plan. I eventually want to explore the criminal and police careers to see what they have to offer as well.
  3. Hello Everyone

    @Willc (Just wanted to let you know that above is my roleplay identity, not who I truly am for clarification XD) Hello Will, All sorts of business really, whatever job we can get at first, probably begin as truck drivers. Yet as we make more money we'll open open our own store, not sure what type, but possibly clothing and furniture, I'll see when I better understand all the possibilities. I may possibly be interested in "other" forms of business though. A business that could be run from an RV potentially...
  4. Afraid of Pre-Ordering

    This is quite a while later, but just wanted to say that in a recent developer Q&A my fears were reassured and I am officially a citizen of Identity Looking forward to the first module!
  5. Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, my name is Liam Price and my passport was just approved. I'm looking forward to acquainting myself with all of you. I will be excited to become involved in the business industry with my childhood friend and business partner. Mr. Price has the right price, be on the lookout for me. I am 26 years old, my father died in a car crash when I was 12, but my mother is currently living in Michigan. I graduated from UOM recently and look forward to settling down somewhere... peaceful. This is my Identity and who I will be. -- Now for my real introduction.. My name is Andrew and I'm from the US, really looking forward to Identity and am excited to see it become a reality. #hype
  6. Is it possible to refund when the modules/beta release?

    I suppose Although I was kind of thinking of the way Steam refunds work. You pay, you play, and have 2 hours to decide if it doesn't work on your system or not what you expected, and then you can get a refund. Obviously though since the modules and/or beta won't be on Steam, there's no easy way to track game time played.
  7. Is it possible to refund when the modules/beta release?

    Hmm, alright, that makes sense. Well I'd like to back prior as I read that the price may be increased, and in the effort of saving money I want to back now. I understand, it makes sense that it'd be hard to issue refunds both morally and in practicality. I may probably still get it though despite this.
  8. Possible Flaws

    In my opinion, sentences should either be about 3 hours for petty crime (vandalism, minor thievery, etc), about 9 hours for larger robberies, drug dealing, etc. And 12-16 hours for killing, with each additional kill adding 6 hours onto the sentence. My proposed idea is that, the player may either spend that time in game, or they will automatically be released without playing after an amount of IRL time has passed, my proposed is 56x that of the original ingame sentence, meaning every 3 hours of in game jail time is a week in real life. Anytime longer and players are likely to quit the game entirely, anytime shorter and many more would be likely to commit crimes. This may offer a nice medium which will cause some to risk it, and others to deter, and others who commit crimes to likely shape up again.
  9. Hello! I have great hopes for this game, and want to support it. Yet, if it does not live up to my expectations in the closed beta or modules, would it be possible to refund the package I purchased? (I have not bought anything yet, although depending on how my question is answered I most likely will) I doubt I would not like the beta or modules, but I'd like to feel as though I have a certain sense of security regarding my purchase. Thanks to anyone who responds, -Timblegoorn
  10. Afraid of Pre-Ordering

    Hey thanks for the reply! There's just too many tales of failed early access, incomplete released games, and devs who simply grab the cash and leave. What I've seen is promising, I just hope it continues this way! I saw the reference that they had from partnering with a company but I wasn't sure if there was any more news on it. Anyways, I'll think about it. Is the $30 closed beta access for the modules? And after the modules are finished, does that mean that the game will be fully released or will they spend several more months or a year after that to finish it?
  11. Afraid of Pre-Ordering

    So I absolutely love the idea of this game, and am immensely excited to see it develop. Me and my friend, who showed me this game, are eagerly talking of our future business and partner in crime endeavors. I really want to pre-order, to support development and get beta access, but I am very skeptical that they will ever finish the game, finish it in a very long time, or not live up to the expectations (E.G, No Man's Sky). I find it doubtful that a game of the proportions and game world of GTA, with mechanics of Euro Truck Simulator, Arma III, and Payday II, and so many more, will be able to be completed by a relatively small team with a quarter million dollar budget within a reasonable time period. They are going above and beyond the content and mechanics of major triple AAA games that have had massive budgets, and they have only a fraction of the team and budget. Luckily they don't have to worry about intelligent AI, other than wildlife, so that helps a bit I guess. They have made good progress, yes, although they have only completed housing and basic mechanics, in 2 years, which is absolutely a tiny chunk of the entire game. I wish there was more progress. Like I said, I really want this game to work out. But I just am very skeptical of investing any money. My biggest concern is their funding, that development will continue for a few years, then they'll run out of money and the project is abandoned. Is there any proof or evidence that they are funded by wealthy private investors or publishers to as much as they need? With enough money, any project can become a reality.