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  1. Hey all! I was looking at the Questions and Answers page and didn't see it on there, so I'm gonna ask it. What are the specs in order for your computer to run thi game? Also, will this game have better optimization than ArmA 3? I'm hoping it does so there isn't desync all the time.
  2. Holiday Events (Suggestions)

    Oh yeah definitely! These were just some mere suggestions for the creators, so they could look into other cultures as well. But New Years would be awesome!
  3. Hey guys, recently looked into this game and figured I'd create a forum profile! Anyways, in every great MMORPG they have holiday events! And I know not a lot of people celebrate certain holidays, but I thought that it'd be cool if we could have events where you can items during that holiday season that you normally can't get. Valentine's Day: For Valentine's Day, I'm thinking you guys can add some special car decals and new clothes. For women, some lingerie (if that's allowed) and for men, maybe some heart t-shirts. I don't know, there's not much you can do for Valentine's Day. Canada Day (Canadian Servers if they're separate from US): For Canada Day, go out with all RED! Whatever you can come up with, make it red! Have people show their patriotism for Canada! I think that would be really cool for Canadians and I think that event should last only on Canada Day. July 4th (American Servers if they're separate from CA): For July 4th, we can go all out with RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! Whatever you can come up with, make it American and patriotic! Also, this should last only on July 4th. Halloween: We've all grown to love Halloween at some point in time and how cool would it be to dress up and trick or treat?! Or... have the purge. Either way, stores should be selling masks as well as costumes and candy for those who want to pass out candy to people! Maybe, just maybe, there could be a server event where the purge happens on that night for maybe an hour or so. This could make overpopulation die out Thanksgiving (American Servers if they're separate from CA): Turkey day! We can have Turkey shirts, Turkey decals for cars and houses, as well as a special Turkey dinner that you can cook and get the recipe for only on Thanksgiving! This should last only on Thanksgiving as well. Black Friday (Oh god...): Yeah, I know not everyone shops on Black Friday, but I think it'd be cool to have it in-game! We could have 30-70% off sales in all stores. This would especially help out the newbies who have little to no money. This could be on every server and should last only on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Christmas: Everyone's favorite holiday (maybe..)! We could have snow falling for a week down in California, which would be insane. Stores could be selling christmas decorations for your house and holiday clothing! I think this should last for the whole week on which Christmas lies on. Again everyone reading, these are all suggestions and my ideas. If you'd like to comment other suggestions related to this, go ahead! I'm open to feedback as well and hope you all think these are ideas that could possibly be implemented into the game.