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  1. Still no updates?

    I usually don't complain or at least try not to, I leave for some time and come back every so often to check progress. I have to say I am pretty mad/dissappointed with devs lately. I am watching you @Paratus I know you're doing everything to build this game up, sadly it is not enough. Especially on communicating with community side of things. Yeah I know @Beach_Ball is doing pretty good job but thats not what I meant. On 20th April u posted "The coming release of the Town Square Module" where you said couple of things " however, the delay will be quite minor. Because this is now the second delay to an official firm release date" well... 14th June(my timezone) all we got is sneak peek of Town Square which was awesome, but by the looks of it hasn't been tested even a little, if there were bugs like shirtless character, inventory items not being usable. I know bugs appear out of nowhere when you least expect them, but let's be serious here we are closing in on 4month delay.. come on you can do better than that. Secondly you posted "Dev Blog #17" on 4th May where you mentioned "An all new Identity website is very, very close to release. In fact, it's so close that we're only waiting on a technology partner to finalize their end of things." I am sorry but by the looks of it your technology partner is a big joke. Should switch to another sooner or later rather than waiting months and months for response. Dev Blog #18 came out, honestly nothing interesting inside it, besides few pics. Not even one mention of website or release date even though only "three" tasks remain. Now with all of that in mind I don't expect Town Square for another month or two. I would like to ask you @Paratus when are you gonna start being honest with us and tell us information that we desire, not some crap sh*t like "Just imagine running from (or with) the cops in the dark of night!" come on are you serious, cops are gonna be available in full game and we're 4months behind on first module, don't hype people 1-2years before its actually gonna be the thing in game. P.S. I don't want response from moderators(just gonna ignore it). #Q1 2017
  2. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    MP5 by Dan (shiny + average lighting), Vape by Jade.
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    No, it's built into software he is using.
  4. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Retextured dumpster + new oil barrel (Lee/Jade77)
  5. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Picture from Facebook comments
  6. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Oct 5th 2017.
  7. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Oct 4th 2017.
  8. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Sep 19th 2017.
  9. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Palette, from LeetPerkins stream.
  10. Mr. Fisk

    Welcome to the community @Mr_Fisk!