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  1. Offices for companies?

    Yes there is a limit, players cannot own more than one house at a time.
  2. Dope Kicks

    This looks great! Good luck to you!
  3. Hotel, Motel or Backpackers

    I could be wrong but I don't believe you will actually be able to own hotels and such, but you can rent out your house to people.
  4. IPO Debate Information

    Very happy this worked out. Please post the twitch link so we can come back to it in the future without having to scroll through the comments.
  5. Alberico Gentili Law Firm

    Welcome! I am fairly new myself!
  6. Truck driving?

    I am almost certain truck driving with be possible. I believe you can be hired by corporations or even do it as a job. Hope this helped!
  7. stock market

    The developers have no plans for a stock market. Though it would be cool, it's quite complicated to run and maintain.
  8. Hedge Fund

    You are correct, there won't be stocks but people can still do under the table sort of investments. Probably just no regulations on them.
  9. Pause

    On pause for now, will eventually return.
  10. The Hamilton Party

    How do you plan to handle repeat offenders of crimes?
  11. CLOSED

    Please mail me and we can talk.
  12. Will Sports be a Job?

    Although it won't be an established career, I think it is possible. People can start leagues with teams. If they can get enough support and people to sponsor them it could become a career. The odds of this happening after seeing people on the forums for this long, I don't think it's very probable.
  13. Pilot

    A big reason they don't want aircraft is also because they don't want the map to feel small. They have said that after release they would think about it but don't have any current plans.
  14. Lawyers

    Yes, if you look around the business section you will find many people starting firms.
  15. House apartment flipping?

    I believe this will be possible, but I don't think you can own more than one HOUSE at a time.