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  1. New Community Manager!

  2. would you mind?

    would you guys mind checking out my channel and giving me feedback?
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    good job lads
  4. You took my money and removed my account

    it also happened to me.... thought i was scammed till i found out... i typed in the wrong name
  5. Is this game ever gonna come out

    be patient..... they are a small team of developers....
  6. Is this game ever gonna come out

    Ask for a refund and stop crying... it's a small team of developers...
  7. i pledged

    i pledged a couple of months ago... but my status above my avatar ... still says i am an immigrant
  8. Playing Identity.

    you'll have to wait...... for the beta/alpha access
  9. I am an official Cititzen

  10. Hey

  11. Hey

    Hey some of you might remember me
  12. Making your own house?

  13. Consoles

    so what you are saying is i cant roleplay as a hitman...and no thnx i would rather play the sims then garrys mod m8 ... so please stop being so salty.... i am gonna be a hitman for crying out loud
  14. Consoles

    you can hire me as soon as the game is in alpha...