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  1. Second Luprano Family Audio Discussion

    I'll listen to it later. I can't imagine where this idea came from though. Just make sure to not talk any shit. RP or not.
  2. Families

    With all the recent families sprouting up and making a name for themselves I want to say to them, I hope your endeavors are fruitful. But please keep family violence to a minimum. We've already gotten family feuds going on already so anymore we'll kill ourselves. Let's keep it clean boys ya know?
  3. First Luprano Family Audio Discussion

    You've got quite a way with words fellas. I'll be seeing you around.
  4. Max lifts up his gun and points it at the door. "Nobody is going anywhere. We stay here until we can figure out how we got here. Everybody try and remember who invited them."
  5. "You two are a couple of regular Einstein's aren't ya?" Max says while kneeling down. Max looks around the body and doesn't see any type of wounds. "Here's the thing, this body has been here for probably days. Considering its rotting, it takes a while for bodies to decompose. So either we've been here for longer than we thought or she was dead when we got here."
  6. Max takes a deep breath. "You two are smoking weed at a time like this? There's a killer in the house and you two are fucking around?!" Max takes off the blanket to try and see if there are any wounds on her. "Maybe we can find some type of clue as to why she died."
  7. Max looks out the window and sees the squad car. He notices something interesting but doesn't say anything yet. "All I can remember is that I rode here on my bike and walked up some stairs. After that it's a little fuzzy. Also, my name is Max.. Max Goodwell."
  8. "We can't open it. If he comes in and happens to be a cop he'll see the body and we'll all be fucked. He can't be a cop though. Who could've called the police." Max sees the man try to leave with the girl. "We can't leave. If we leave we most likely die. Because let's face it, one of us is the person who murdered her. We need to keep quiet, if he is a cop he can't come in unless we invite him in, or he has a warrant. So everybody get comfy, we'll be here for a while."
  9. Max pulls out his pistol and walks over to the door. He looks through the peephole to try and get a glimpse of the man standing outside their door. Max can't tell if it's a cop or not. But he starts thinking, there's no way a cop could be here unless somebody called them this morning. But everybody was passed out. "This guys isn't a cop. Think about it, why would a cop show up randomly when we're all waking up. It's had to have been quiet for hours now. He's not a cop and we're not answering the door." Max quickly grabs a pillow. "I could kill him if we think it's necessary." Max looks around the room.
  10. Max rubs his eyes in annoyance. He shoots up and goes to the fridge to see if there's anymore booze in the fridge. After searching around and not being able to find anything he sits back down. "We have a dead body and a killer in this apartment. And I wanna know what the fuck is going on..." Max goes over to the woman and grabs her wallet to check for a name. (Need some type of name from Miki)
  11. sarcasm

    One: I have two accounts Two: If he's so high and mighty to try and start fights let him do it himself. No need for you to join in, he has too many boyfriends as is.
  12. sarcasm

    Give your father a blow job and eat your moms cunt. The only person who is being a tough guy is you. You think your top dog when in fact you're no more significant than the dog shit I step in at the park. You're not worthy to be called an Internet tough guy. And as for being a lapdog. I didn't say what I said because I was protecting his post. I said what I said because you had to be a whiny little bitch about it and cry how it hurt your feelings. Man up and drive on you fucking wanna be tough guy.
  13. sarcasm

    Okay, but you're being hot headed and childish. If you don't like it. Leave. You don't take shit in life? Because if that's an invitation I'll happily come to the party. There's two people in this world, people who keep their mouth shut and people who can't keep it shut. Try and guess what one you are. Every time I come on these forums I see you running your trap trying to intimidate and bully other users when you yourself have no right, no purpose and no weight to throw around to anybody. So either play nice or keep your fucking mouth shut. Or else I'll shut it for you.
  14. sarcasm

    You... You need to not take stuff so seriously.
  15. Max looks at the vile closely. "Well I'm not sure if Rufies can be liquidized but I know acid can.. But acid doesn't cause memory loss.. Does it?" Max sets the vile down and offers Miki a drink from the bottle. "Might as well, looks like we're gonna be here for a while."