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  1. Petitioning for an answer, please sign.

    great development
  2. War of Rights

    Sure thing! Just add me on steam I will send you a PM
  3. Black Desert

    so people enjoying this game?
  4. Hay all - Cant wait until beta release

    [CL] LCpl. Tot Peursum Talk to you later! See you on steam
  5. Hay all - Cant wait until beta release

    Need to look into that one!. If you like check out War or Rights see if you like it
  6. Hay all - Cant wait until beta release

    Battlefield 1 I played also the BETA great graphics and I like the WW1 era.
  7. Hay all - Cant wait until beta release

    Yes GTA and Battlefield. I do like strategy games a lot like the total war series, Cossacks, Age of Empire etc etc. Verdun pretty cool WWI FPS And the game I play the most at the moment is War Of Rights American Civil War game, FPS. Still a work in progress you can back the game for Alpha testing. Looks amazing and great thing compared to for example Battlefield is that this game is all about teamplay.
  8. Hay all - Cant wait until beta release

    Well I can read that for sure! What other games you like to play? Cause this game will take a while to be finished so for now we need other games to entertain ourselves
  9. Hello!

    Welcome, nice to meet new people.
  10. Hay all - Cant wait until beta release

    Welcome! So you can speak Boers? Misschien je kunt mijn Nederlands een beetje begrijpen?
  11. International Postal Service

    i like to believe that also! Because it is a cool idea. Wasn't there a little bit about delivery / transport jobs in the trailer? I'm not sure now... Not able to look it up, am at work now.
  12. Petitioning for an answer, please sign.

    Yes updates are welcome, great to hear from you Motown.
  13. I want to get into the beta (Buy a pass) But im put off.

    still thats not the point of course you answer questions and that is good and all. But ,and this is the point, you ask questions good valid questions and those topics should not only be answered to you, but posted here for everybody to read. If people then ask these sort of questions there is a topic for them to find the information. Meaning the line of information is not only if you ask them on twitter or facebook but added to the FAQ or posted on the news / update topic from the developers. It's all been said before we like updates from the developers. Even they are a small team once a month should an option for them.
  14. I want to get into the beta (Buy a pass) But im put off.

    I ask questions on twitter and I get answers, but that is not the point. Instead of me or you running around telling people what we heard, should be available for everybody.
  15. I want to get into the beta (Buy a pass) But im put off.

    Yes perfect. Your 100% spot on. All this "help" from people/ fans / backers / investors what you ever want to call yourself, is not doing much for me either. These guys who are making the game should give us a update every week or month, yes they are a small team. But they must find a schedule to make some time to update us. Answering a rondom question on twitter or facebook is also helpful but not for the large scale of people who are hoping for some information.