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  1. Haute Couture Tailors

    Not at the moment, unfortunately, because the business is just starting out. But I'll keep you notified of any changes.
  2. Haute Couture Tailors

    I look forward to working with you.
  3. The Gentleman's Club

    Very interesting. I would very much like to join. I am a bespoke tailor and perhaps I could offer my services to the gentlemen in the club?
  4. Hey There!

    Nice to see lots of Australians around. Hopefully that means the servers will still be populated at night in AEST!
  5. Haute Couture Tailors

    Haute Couture Tailors are a small business located on the island of Identity. We are the finest menswear tailors on the island and our garments are made with the utmost care and the highest quality materials. We specialise only in formal and businesswear, and associated accessories. Inside the store, we sell a small selection of basic ready-to-wear garments and accessories, but our main focus is on bespoke tailoring. We work closely with our clients to make garments to their exact specifications. Everything can be customised to your satisfaction, from lapels and vents to button stance. Because we are only a small business, unlike larger menswear companies, your experience with us is much more personalised. When you purchase a bespoke or ready-to-wear garment, your entire experience is one-on-one with an experienced and knowledgable tailor, rather than a salesperson. The garments you purchase from us are hand made and were stitched by hand, whereas garments from larger menswear companies are made by machines that do not have the same level of awareness and care as a tailor. Finally, because I am studying as an apprentice under a tailor in real life, I am very knowledgable in the field of menswear and as such am uniquely qualified to run such a business in Identity. Any questions? Ask away!
  6. Do you or any other devs happen to know how clothing creation will work?

  7. Does anyone know if I will be able to to go into details? eg. different lapel types, cufflinks, watches, etc.?
  8. Will we be able to design different types of clothes in the game, and sell them?