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  1. I NEVER said i want the game now, Point it out where i said that specifically? I even mentioned there is no point releasing the town square module. What i meant is there are constant excuses, each time they said they are releasing something it never happens. I don't see how this can build a good relationship between the community and the company. Same exact thing happened to many developers, even the big dogs in the industry but one way or another the community had to be heard otherwise it looked like a downfall, example: For Honor (Ubisoft). If you going to throw dates, give yourself a lot of room for error otherwise people will hold you to it. Most people feel they are running around in circles because Asylum has not been doing very well with communicating.
  2. It obviously would be unwise to release a mess. Point is month after a month nobody has an idea what's really going on. I like what someone else is doing for another game that is more of a police simulator but they do their best to speak out to the community and give them an update. The guys does is solo and he did a lot by himself compared to Asylum!
  3. Not sure if you're trolling or what is the case with you, I just told you what they can do. Nobody has the time to sit and watch 3 hours dev vlog of creating a lamp. You can do the same like majority of the new guys, Warhorse Studios showed a lot of behind the scenes of the development, Like showing how their team is developing the game, You see it it's right there no bull. I would love to have a business and customers like you so i can just take your money and pat you down each time i have no answer when will i deliver what i sold to you and each time you just bow your head. Obviously that is just an example and we are not running a store here. But "AGAIN" what part of it you do not comprehend, there are many things they can do and show that they have not done so yet..development is an ongoing process so it does not sit idle. They can be creative, do something like warriors den that Ubi does for For Honor. The demand will be there if you like it or not, Start accepting the fact until Asylum clears up the mess they got themselves into. I mean seriously dude you remind me of the Antifa clowns that no matter what you tell them they are just brainwashed robots with zero commons sense and logic.
  4. Actually as a "pledger" i get to demand. Who is saying i can not you? We all can because we invested real MONEY into this project, Without any of us it would not exist. That is "powerful" So get your head from wherever it is and stop telling people they are not allowed to demand and hold those they invested in accountable. We all have a voice in this. Trust me if my money is involved in something i will as questions simply because you don't live my life, you don't pay my bills, and most importantly you do not work my job and get paid for my effort at it. You want to pretend to be a fan boy and tell people they can't voice their opinions? give your best try cause not every single individual here is half asleep. Maybe it's time you get a reality check cause you going to get checked by those that pledged their money. There are people who invested a lot and by all means not every person here screams "mommy" and their parent's bank account opens up with a cash flow. With the whole disaster Asylum got itself they can fix this by doing something that can give people a better insight on what's going on. You yourself mentioned tons of time by now pointing that most information can be obtained via discord, well this does not make it official, Joe tells Mark, Mark misunderstood what Joe said and tells Fred something else and it's a ever going circle of a mess. I know you want the best for the game, I think all of us do. But there are ways of ding things properly and that is a reason why you got a lot of people pissed off, It's not the fact that it's taking a while, but the inconsistency of what they promise vs what do we see happen.
  5. I can't believe you're accepting that as a game play. You can achieve running around a city in few weeks.
  6. What have they shown? Models? , Broken physics? Everyone says we seen game play, Well i am not sure that running around a level with few buildings, couple of models and few visual effects can be labeled as game play. Perhaps they would still have to connect certain systems together in order to make things work properly, but as it stands right now it's not really game play. As i said before i would not care about town square release since people will get bored very quick, but give us some info, show us how you work on this, share a bit of the development like most of the companies do.
  7. It's not about thing being handed on a silver platter. Weather you like it or not there must be some kind of industry standards...The constant excuse of Asylum being a indie developer, or that it's their first game won't fly anymore, This excuse got old and got abused too much. Obviously they are digging themselves a bigger hole and they are doing it to themselves. Maybe that is the idea, game is too ambitious so let's get the pledged money and take off. The forums have been buzzing for a while and they have no clarified much at this point. In terms of patience i have been patient since the kick starter was announced and at this point i would like to hold Asylum accountable and have things clarified.
  8. are we even going to see identity

    Beachball made a long response to one of the posts on the tracker stuff. From what i am understanding the tracker lists a task that they need to finish but under that one task could be couple of other problems/bugs they run into or rather they can keep on running into things, soit kind looks like peeling an onion i suppose. That clarification was much needed as i also have been concerned regarding this.
  9. Scam

    I don't think it matters what type of images they use for concept art or as a base nor where they are coming from. I imagine almost every game developer will use some kind of structures to build form..anyone remember Warhorse Studios showcasing how they build building models for Kingdom Come Deliverance? A lot of stuff was taken from the real places that were there historically and they would modify them. Amazing structures are inspirational it would be a sin not to use them.
  10. Opinions.

    Indeed. When in a today's generation you have first graders running around with iPhones how do you expect them to be able to reason? If the answer is not on google then it's too much work to think on your own..If the answer is on google, well.. That's all Folks! that's the truth and everything else is a lie. ARMA RP blew up in terms of demand, people from ARMA 3 Life made a lot of money, If you can make thousands of dollars and it's surly way more than a hundred thousand dollars what does that tell you? It is a gold mine for an indie developer. Obviously all of the custom RP mods had people with a amazing talent, I myself was a staffer for an upcoming mod that would probably blow the rest out of the water however few issues came to life with developers and it did not happen. This very idea to try to move this to another game engine was not only brought up by Asylum few tried to attempt the same however perhaps it was too ambitious for them trying to execute, I know for a fact Mike Baxter wanted to attempt the same and those deep in the RP on ARMA know who he is. So where does this take us? Obviously there are issues. Did Asylum end up hitting the wall? Maybe, All i know is that things are not being handled properly and yet this is very scary that people are still on these forums blindfolded. Development takes time, but we don't exactly see tremendous progress here. I am not condemning the project, I am simply questioning things because i am holding people in charge accountable. If my money was spent on something i will ask these questions because i worked for it and it's not coming out out of my parents bank account.
  11. Everyone STOP!!!!

    I am overwhelmed with your response. It must have been extremely difficult to do "nothing" but insult someone. However I suppose that's your contribution.
  12. Everyone STOP!!!!

    If you convince me to invest into your project, You better believe i will come through and hold you accountable and will like to know the progress. If you're not asking questions then it's you choice. Don't expect everyone else to simply bend over. What have you contributed if you are shouting about contributions? Define your contributions when not being part of dev team? The fact that you probably have no clue or never touched a game engine in your course of life determines the ease of rolling over. I suggest you watch your language, There community also has a lot of youngsters around so have some consideration.
  13. Everyone STOP!!!!

    I understand that, But honestly playing a module running around building where 98% of things are not functional will get you bored extremely fast. Maybe they have plans for that and are delaying it since it's very much logical people will get burned out after 2 weeks and they want to add some things to keep them busy, i mean let's be serious, Even if they release this tomorrow people would get bored right away and complain they are bored. If you think about it that would really happen.
  14. Everyone STOP!!!!

    I really would not care if the module is not out. I rather play the full game than a module. That is just me, everyone has an different feeling regarding that. Just every month show us some stuff, make it enjoyable, have fun doing a showcase even like the Star Citizen people did. It's profitable for you as a developer, you get folks hyped up. And we get a slice of a fat cake with the showcase.
  15. Everyone STOP!!!!

    Sometimes they may be at a stage where they can do certain things or they would be not functional. But they did show some videos of game play. I think a dev dairy would be a great thing to glue everything back together with the community.