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  1. Yes. I've been mainly checking the forums for updates but now, I'd like to engage in other forum discussions and community activities.
  2. I'm waiting for RAGE:MP GTA:V hardcore roleplaying communities. They're still improving the mod but the sync is close to GTA Online, which is why I believe they'll succeed. I just hope they won't give up on it. I tried roleplaying on FiveM but it's not that good.
  3. I'd pay without batting an eye if it's interactive and entertaining for me and my teammates.
  4. Police Application Form

    That's a good idea for private servers, where you have to follow a specific procedure & maybe a short academy to join the department.
  5. [GUIDE] Roleplay terms

    I'm not really sure if this is the right section to post this but I haven't found any similar thread so I thought of explaining some common terms used in roleplay. All these terms are explained based on heavy roleplay gaming servers as seen in Arma 3, San Andreas Multiplayer, Multi Theft Auto and so on. I'll be editing this topic as soon as I come up with anything else! If you have any questions, I'd be more than glad to answer them and I hope you all find this useful. In-character ( IC ) In-character is a term used to describe everything that's related and happening to your character, including the actions he performs, his reactions to different situations and in-game encounters, as well as conversations he has with other characters. Out-of-character ( OOC ) Out of character describes everything that is not related to your character. Most games with an in-game text chat available use the parenthesis " (( and )) " when typing something out of character. For example, you ask your friend to join you on Skype. (( Hey bro, give me a call on skype! )) Metagaming ( MG ) Metagaming is the simple use of out of character ( OOC ) information and knowledge in character ( IC ). It is not allowed on most roleplay communities and it's really common because there are a lot of ways for people to metagame without you realizing it. For example, you're telling your buddy over Skype to come and help you out somewhere in-game because you're being chased by the police and you're almost out of fuel. Why isn't this allowed? Because you're using an OOC way to provide an IC information. How is it done right? You need to figure a way for your character to contact your friends' character about this, such as a text message. Another common example is seeing someone's name above their head and pretending you know them by calling out their name. Your character doesn't know the name of another character unless you met him and he introduced himself to your character, or he is a famous figure you saw on television/newspaper, or some other character told you his name and so on. Powergaming ( PG ) Powergaming has different meanings and it could be described as performing an act impossible for a human, forcing roleplay on other players without giving them a chance to respond, or roleplaying something that hasn't been made possible by the developers. For example, you try to pick up a truck like Hulk and smash the local hot dog stand with it. In first place, that's performing an act that is not humanlike, as well as roleplaying something that's not possible in game because you basically can't pick up a truck. Another good example is when someone is aiming a gun at your face and you immediately pull out your gun and shoot him. That's forcing roleplay on someone else because you didn't give him a chance to react. In real life, it takes a couple of good seconds to pull out your gun and shoot someone while in game you can do it in a second. Powergaming is often encountered around p2w ( play to win ) players, who are always looking to gain an advantage ( often unfair advantage ) over other players and now allowing them to react to a situation. Deathmatching ( DM ) or Random deathmatching ( RDM ) Deathmatching or RDM is killing another character without a sufficient or valid roleplay reason. For example, someone pulls out his gun and shoots you not no reason at all.. Revenge killing often falls under DM/RDM because if your character dies, his memory of the killer and the entire situation that led to the death will be wiped out completely.
  6. Can You Be A Corrupt Cop

    Well, corruption should not be forbidden entirely. For example, cops should be allowed to use harsh words in an attempt to gain compliance or intimidate ( obviously, the officer in question could be suspended if caught by a higher ranked officer ), use excessive force ( maybe injury the suspect a bit but definitely not kill him ), close an eye when witnessing a suspect committing a misdemeanor ( but not crimes ), and minor stuff like this. This is a way to give the Internal Affairs department of the police force a way to investigate other officers and take disciplinary actions against them.
  7. Furniture making business?

    I believe so. Maybe an interior architecture and design firm. I'd actually hire a creative fella to build and arrange the furniture around the house. Later edit:
  8. Gore

    Community where I come from has a strict rule against dismemberment, necrophilia, bestiality, pedophilia, cannibalism, rape and any other type of disgusting roleplay. It should be strictly forbidden unless all parties involved agree to such an encounter.
  9. The Agency

    Thank you for your support fellas. Looking forward to a friendly interaction with you all in-game!
  10. Can you gift this game?

    Well, if the game will be available on Steam and it will most probably be, you can buy it for yourself, gift it to a friend, or both. Otherwise, you'll just order the game twice, I don't see a problem with that.
  11. Hello from Germany!

    Welcome @sGtDeathunter! Enjoy your stay out here.
  12. Hello and welcome! What do you plan on roleplaying in Identity?
  13. Casino

    Such a great way to waste some money. It would be amazing to have texas hold'em, blackjack and slots!
  14. The Agency

    Thank you! We're not sure about that yet. We're hoping to find a server where players feel immersed into the game world and strive for a great roleplaying experience.
  15. I actually prefer a great devblog once a month or so instead of announcing minor daily changes.