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  1. Farmers!

    Being a cop with a farm would also be good. I hope we get the chance of selecting our own place to live in.
  2. Construction Worker

    I did and there was nothing. Only something kind of similar in the suggestions and ideas tab,
  3. Construction Worker

    Would be nice to either be a construction worker or just build houses that you could later sell. Don't you agree ?
  4. Auctioneer

    Would be cool to be an auctioneer where you bid on cars or home stuff against other people. You could go up in ranks and bid on real estate and sell if for even more money ! Would be soooo cool.
  5. Jornalist

    It would be nice to work as a journalist. You publish your story that people receive in their mail. Would be freaking awesome. In the newspaper there could be a leaderboard of richest people and even astrological signs
  6. Perfect Game

    This is not really a suggestion but more of a perspective. There's two groups when it comes to games or products, the clients (gamers) and the producers(devs). For a game to have sucess both parties must have a balance. Gamers must be satisfied with their gameplay and devs with their revenue. Taking Minecraft as an example , it has success and people still play it till this day. Now we have to learn from that sucess. Crafting your items from stuff you had to grind was the main appeal of Minecraft and not the graphics. Graphics are just a bonus here, it's immersion. Lets now have a look at something that had potential but never had sucess. Dayz had a lot of potiential but was never polished and was darn boring. Why you ask ? What makes a player happy is to be proud of his accomplishments, in Dayz you died and had to restart from scratch. I suggest Identity to have 2 servers, 1 hardcore and the other peaceful. One where you die and restart and the other where you restart with penalties. This is only for the satisfaction of the broad audience. For the devs side now, profits is their main concern here. The integration of a market in the game with real world currency would highly help devs with their expenses and profit. Taxes on items could go directly to the devs ex: 10-15%. I have logs that I need to sell, I could sell 1000 logs for 10$ and devs get 15% of that transaction. That an idea which Valve loves using. Also for this to work a minimum amount of " wood logs " for sale should be established in the market. Putting 10 wood logs in the market at a value of 0.01 $ each isn't going to get enough transaction money to the devs. Imagine if Identity is the first mmo game where anyone could make money online from. Yes, there's games online where you can male money out of but the devs are usually too thursty for money and the game gets bad reputation. Reputation and good feedback is the most important thing in the early stages of the game. It takes only one bad review to stop someone from buying and joining the game. I posted earlier for mining to be integrated into the game which means the terrain will need to change and thats hard on a graphics card in a mmo game, that's only an idea. I have more ideas like: marriage, animal breeding, fall damage and possible death, loading screens when joining someone "house" or "farm", paying people to help you build stuff in your terrain and much more. Now for the issues : How are we going to cashout our earned money ? A: With paypal integration into the game How will mining work and crafting ? A: Mining involves modifying the ingame terrain which is hard on a graphics card but if the terrain is local (singleplayer) that's not an issue. Isn't making a game singleplayer make it risky for hackers to duplicate items to sell it on the market for profit ? A: Not if an internet connection is needed to launch the game and to play the game. Data encryption will make hacking almost impossible. Making every item in the game have their own generated key will make it even more impossible because if an item is dupplicated the key is also the same which will make spotting and removing items easy. Why animal breeding ? A: Money is the answer. Buy a cow on the market for 300$ and breed it to make extra $$$. Breeding time would take a couple months though. Not making it easy. Won't this need powerful servers to run that much data ? A: Yes but making the market integrated from the first day is a bad idea. Main focus should be to grow the community through advertising. Advertising will provide revenue to the devs which will make getting more servers easier. Note: Sorry for grammar. My native language is not English.
  7. Mining ?

    It would be a cool idea to have mining included. You dig and find minerals so it can be used to craft stuff or sold on the market. I don't want a minecraft copie. Make it more slow like real life speeds. Would make things way more interesting. Also a refining process for the ore would be good. What do you guys think ?