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  1. Undercover(Police)

    Or maybe detective will wear plainclother but with a raid vest:
  2. Police cars and uniforms

    But the detectives will be in marked police car ? @JAMESLUCK01
  3. Police cars and uniforms

    "As long as we have Ford Crown Victoria's, I will be perfectly satisfied." that's fucking right ! (and also unmarked Crown Victoria!)
  4. Glock

    I suppose they will have some glock, berreta, m4, maybe ak47 ans other litlle firearms (they say that automatic rifle will be really rare and precious)
  5. Or maybe we can go on this serv, try to speack english and create a french mafia
  6. Hyjacking police radio

    Haha that could be fun ^^ But I think the dispatch also control the Fire dept. and the EMS
  7. Modules? Updates? Full Release?

    I agree, it could be fine if we have maybe 1 little dev report evry week and one bigger evry month....
  8. Could we re-texture the game like in arma 3 where we can do ourself our skins, and will we have the possibility to mod the game (adding new vehicules for exemple)
  9. What's the best part of Identity for you?

    Become an dirty detective , who is depressed and spend this days drinking alcohol in a bar, make fake evidence to put some bad guys in jail... Or become a good detective maybe
  10. Scroll down the page and you will find the % of achievement
  11. Almost 6000 Citizens !

    Yeaaaa !
  12. Almost 6000 Citizens !

    We are almost 6000 peoples supporting the game !
  13. Vehicle Crash Physics

    ok, Thanks for your answer MOTOWN
  14. Modules

    I am just going to quote you on that I am just going to quote that quotation