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  1. Suggestion for houses and apartments

    awesome thanks!
  2. Maybe having a door lock to prevent people from just barging in unannounced.
  3. Suggestion

    Thank you god!!! The pc lords have spoken!!! Identity will blow every other rp mod and games out if you guys continue the way you go... I cannot wait to start a criminal path cooking meth growing marijuana or becoming a cop.... But just know, please keep this in mind griefers will always be there trolling please keep that into consideration Thank you guys I'm looking forward to the future of identity
  4. Suggestion

    Pkease, don't make the mistake that most devs make and get money hungry. Please don't make us pay to win. I for one am sick and tired of that. Identity has alot of potential in excited for it. I'm hoping it isn't a pay to win, and the devs are consistent and are constantly helping the community