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  1. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Currently grinding Skyrim while waiting for Star wards squadrons
  2. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Grinding gwent and witcher 3 on death march (third replay so decided to torture myself) while waiting for marvel's avenger newest game
  3. Listen to music

    I'm more into harder subgenres of rock and metal really, bands like Nightwish, Katatonia, Icon and the Black Roses, A Perfect Circle, Tool and such
  4. Rust game. Any thoughts?

    Update about Rust: all I can say that holy crap, the multiplayer is intense
  5. Rust game. Any thoughts?

    Just seen on Steam this Rust game recently, and I'm thinking whether I should buy it. But the abstract about the game seems pretty promising. Has anyone tried it yet?
  6. What games have you waiting?

    Oh yess, Cyberpunk 2077 for sure. I hope it won't disappoint, because there are lots of expectations
  7. People need to understand

    I agree with the majority, there should be no excuses. Especially what about those who already paid? At least an update that something is happening would be nice from the developers' side. But hey, let's hope for the best
  8. Anthem , GOOD OR BAD ?

    It has good parts if you have friends to play online with, you can have fun for a while. The story does not even come close to what Bioware can do though
  9. What games have you waiting?

    What are the games that had you excited to the point where you pre-ordered the game before even knowing if it's any good? For me, my wait is nearly over! Pre-Ordered Left Alive a while ago for a little cheaper and it is going out tomorrow!
  10. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    WoW. It's like my go-to game every time I run out of ideas of what to play! I mean it's great, I even saw an article saying it was the best game of all time, cannot argue.
  11. Favorite game of 2018?

    Battlefield V by a far margin. Got it from Eneba for good price and if you have a good gpu, you;ll fall in love with this game. I dont have RTX but still it looks fucking gorgeous
  12. Favorite game of 2018?

    Red Dead Redemption 2