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  1. Weapons

    I'm assuming handguns are legal then..?
  2. The First Thing You'll Do?

    Probably get killed.
  3. Billboards sound like a really good idea and it would make the world feel a lot more personal and lived in
  4. Speed limits

    it would be great if there was some sort of test you had to pass to receive your driving license, it would also serve as an tutorial of how to drive like a normal human being ?
  5. Vehicle ideas - modifications

    There could be some sort of eBay/gumtree style platform for selling/buying cars and other items from players?
  6. Speed limits

    With so many players on the road I'm assuming there will be some sort of speed limits. How would these be enforced? Would it be a point system or straight up fines etc? Just any info would be great, thanks
  7. Do not fear, Lembo is here.

    Hello, im Lembo (idiot in Welsh) umm yeah... Basically just hello..