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  1. Hey man,

    Would you mind sending me a working discord link to the official server? :)

  2. The Discord Repository

    Hi, can someone give me a valid link to the official discord channel? I lost it somehow.
  3. If it hasn't been said already...

    Let's be real tho. Do you have ANY idea what it is like to develop a game? or develop anything in that matter? it's a tough job where you can bump into indefinitely amount of bugs. They are really into every single detail of the game, and i really do appreciate the fact that they do, no matter how long time it will take to finish the product.

    Your link seems broken (from the picture)
  5. Town square release

    I'm glad to hear that Just saying that negativity doesnt help anything or anyone
  6. Town square release

    I totaly get that people have been waiting for this game for years and some of these people are getting "annoyed" for not being able to play the game by this point. But i'm pretty sure it doesnt motivate the devs when there is negativity all over the forum and discord. Just try to keep the hype going and motivate the dev's to the max Just my opinion on it.
  7. Town square release

    And let's be honest.. Don't we rather wait and get a good game than getting a bug-festival because of too early release?
  8. No Steam Key!

    If i'm not wrong they're sending out the keys in batches. So just wait for the next wave and you will get it
  9. What will you RP in identity?

    I'm going for the business life, hope t start a clothing business or similar. PS. Need partner.