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  1. making identity sandbox?

    I have no knowledge on what needs to happen for this to work but, I think it'd be the best for a game with bad rep and obvious lack of game making skills. Fix the base of the game and allow people to make there own cars/weapons/maps everything via steam workshop gmod and arma two very successful games that have roleplay both of them use steam workshop for content creators to make custom features for their server. SantosRP MonolithRP Perp Darkrp Takistan A3PL SilverLake<- some different gamemodes that used steam workshop/mod Like I said I have no idea how any of that works but, from what I'm seeing is that people are frustrated with the dev's because there trying to do every damn little thing and it's taking way too long.
  2. lmao full servers would be a dream come true for this game
  3. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    Should of did what rust did, wouldnt have such a shit name in the community. The game was advertised in a way where you could buy it cheaper on the website correct?? 30$ on steam and the website not to mention I havnt gotten my founder gear. idk what you'd call this but it's a scam in my bookss
  4. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    let be honest they scammed us, games not worth buying until they get the full game released in another 4 years
  5. Identity Trello

    ready the whole forum before you quote me
  6. Identity Trello

    Not advertising simply answered a question
  7. Identity Trello

    CivilContract - February-23-2019 New Life - March-1-2019 Elysium VR - release date TBA NineToFive - Alpha was delayed dont have any info other than that As of now there are some games with RP as gamemodes such as Garry's Mod and Arma 3
  8. Identity Trello

    DONT buy the game. The game is basically VR chat right now there's really no roleplay. If I was you I'd wait for the actual game to come out (no one knows if this game will make it to the full game) or buy one of the many other rp games coming out that already have more potential than this game.

    I dont see how theyve grow if this shitty game is what they managed to make in 4 years. NO they cant make anything faster as the groundwork of the game is littered with bugs and server crashes anything built on this will be the exact same thing as the module.... absolute shit. Now dont get me wrong I would love to see Identity grow and be what they want to be but I dont see how they could even get there as the funds will eventually run out and probably and getting low right now as its been 4 years and they couldnt afford reliable servers for the module. I just dont see identity becoming what it wants to be.

    yay we can shoplift not like there's anyone to stop us or a economy to buy shit with
  11. Nominate Identity for Steam Awards!!

    do you deserve it?? fuck no you dont its been delayed for a while now and its just a module maybe the full game would deserve something
  12. What Was Your First Online Multiplayer RPG?

    I roleplayed on roblox when I was in 4th grade

    not really can we get a alpha of the actual game instead of a module???
  14. this all looks very cool and nice but I dont think the game is going to be ready for anything like this for a few years saying town square took 4 years to make
  15. Identity Trailer

    so wheres the game?? its November the "end of month release date" once again identity failed to meet the release date for like the 5th fucking time.
  16. What will you RP in identity?

    My plan is to start off with low level crime dealing weed on the streets than once I save up enough money buy exotic cars and start my own car rental business