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  1. Im giving it till the end of june or july

    I agree with you that the game should be way more completed now with the amount of time they have. But I don't think any of us are in a position to give the developers a deadline.
  2. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Personally I was one of the people who defended the game because they kept pushing back the Beta. Identity lost a lot of fans with the release. The people who remain have some kind of blinding royalty I can respect/pity. The game isn't dead until the developers give up on it. Heck, they might even pull a No Man's Sky and win back our trust. If you were a part of us who backed the game early and got screwed with no Steam refund, then just hang tight buddy wait until your kids graduate College and we might just have some fun together after all!
  3. Getting VIP for 500 Dollar worth it?

    Good timing too. After the application gets approved; you can enjoy your $500's worth.
  4. Games keeping you occupied?

    I have and it works great. I haven't encountered a smurf, but maybe it's because I'm playing in the lower plat/gold area. I'm always discovering new tricks and tips, which is great to help evolve and get better at the game. However, I'm getting back into CS:GO currently.
  5. Je voudrais s'avoir comment me faire remboursé

    English: I don't think refunds are possible. French: Je ne pense pas que les remboursements soient possibles.
  6. A rant about the ranters

    Just a rant. Don't read if you know this will make you upset just for the sake of being upset. Or if you simply don't care. I'm just killing time between now and release. There's been a lot of people ranting on the forums. I don't blame them because we've all been waiting a while for this game to come out and the first module will finally give us a taste. But your negative thoughts are kinda annoying if you've got nothing to back it up. Identity isn't a scam. If it was, they would've disappeared with the kickstarter money a while ago. I've only just now decided to bite the bullet and purchase the game so that I could make an account because I assumed the module would've been out by now due to the steam key release. It's not out and I still have to wait. We all do. So be it. I understand creating a game of this size will cause unforeseen difficulties and so be it. How many of these ranters actually have any background in game development? How do you guys think this all actually works? Do you think if a bunch of nerds just type words into the computer for a few months - a game will be born like magic? Everybody gets stuck on problems. Some problems take more time to solve than others of course, and obviously problems aren't planned. For example; say I want to make a button that says "Hello world" when pressed so I create a program that says "When the button is pushed, output 'Hello World' into the console" but instead the entire game crashes. How could I POSSIBLY have PREDICTED that? That's what developers go through. Sometimes you get syntax errors because you forget a semicolon somewhere in your code or you fat fingered an extra letter somewhere in your code, sometimes you get run-time errors because your logic doesn't add up, sometimes you have no idea what's wrong and stackoverflow can't help you; so you gotta figure it out. Figuring it out takes time. It's not the developer's inability to create a something because they can't complete a task in time; it just means a problem arises that they didn't know about yet so they gotta fix it. The best part about this is that it means the developer won't make that problem again in the future if they learned from it. I'm absolutely ready for the first module release. I know this game was created by veteran developers so they shouldn't be making a crap quality game or common rookie mistakes, but I totally expect bugs and lag. A rant about gamers who say "Ugh, just optimize the game." is a whole different thing if that even happens to Identity. P.S even though I strongly doubt it because who would bother renting an office and hiring developers, bother to interact with the community, do constant updates through twitch streams and monthly dev blogs, and have an entire community forum running - just to end up being a total scam. It seems like a very elaborate scam, but if it is a scam; I apologize for everybody waiting around so long for their time being wasted.
  7. Rate the communities!

    Worst for me: Also League of Legends. I tried to get into the game, I really did. I didn't find the game mechanics fun, but I played it because my friends did and I love hanging out with my friends. When I play by myself to get better, I've never seen people get sooo angry over a game. I think it's the delusion that people believe that they're gonna go pro or become famous if they play a game enough times. People who take their work seriously are respectable. But geeze, I've never read more harsher words than I have my entire life in League of Legends. Also people have weird fetishes for the characters Best for me: Runescape. This community is 99% wholesome. I've made the best online friends in this game that I could talk to all the time when I was a kid. People gave out stuff for free because who gives a flying crap about virtual items when you can make friends and spread joy? To this day I'm still connected to some of the people I met in this game. The only bad people in this game are scammers; but it's pretty obvious to spot them and people ignore them anyway.
  8. Computer Specs Thread

    Since we're all PC gamers, most of us has built our own computers. Hopefully computers that will meet the hardware requirements of Identity. Let's talk about what specs we have. I'll start: CPU: Intel I7 6700K OC @ 4.5Ghz GPU: Asus GTX 1070 OC edition - OC @ 2000Mhz RAM: G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8gb) DDR4 2400Mhz Motherboard: Asus Maximus VIII Hero Storage: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD, 2TB Seagate HDD, 4TB Seagate Barricuda HDD PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650w 80+ Gold Certified Full Modular ATX PSU Case: Corsair Spec 01 with added fans
  9. Games keeping you occupied?

    I think it's safe to say we're all waiting for the first module so we can get a little slice of the delicious eye candy we've been following online. Although it can't come soon enough, I bet people are playing games to kill the time between now and release. What game is everybody playing to pass the time? This isn't limited to similar games to Identity. I'm truly interested to see what people in this community are playing to pass the time. I'll start: I'm playing Rainbow Six Siege. Season Six just came out with some new operators, I enjoy the shooting mechanics of the game and love the tactical thought you need to put in the game (usually). I play this game to kill time in between school and work because casual games range from 10 to 30+ minutes and competitive games range from 30 to 60 minutes.
  10. Town Square Module Estimated Release Date?

    I think I read somewhere that they're having issues with game crashes upon other things. They're looking into it. If it means anything though, you can get your steam key and have it ready for the release of the first module (whenever that is) so that must mean they're close.
  11. What does Founder Hat help me with?

    It's Christmas 3 years after the release of the game. A squeaker has appeared. Squeaker: "Wow, this game is awesome! I just got it for Christmas!" You with your founders hat: "I got it at release noob. Look at my hat" Everybody claps and praises you. This is why we all got that hat, and this is what we all shall receive.
  12. Crime Problems

    In my experience between ArmA life servers, although many love the life of crime - I find that there are many people who are cop enthusiasts. Criminal players are chaotic because that's how they have fun in the game. But I find that there's a huge community of players who love structure, rules, and have a thirst for power. Which is why you usually have people wanting to be police officers/begging for higher ranks. I find that there's a huge player base for that; so you should have nothing to worry about. Also who doesn't wanna be neutral? This game although mainly focus on cops and robbers; would probably lot more fun if you bother to "stop and smell the roses" once in a while and play as a civilian. That's what RP is for anyways.
  13. unthrusted and maybe a scam

    They frequently have streams of the current game stage and post development updates. I get your frustration and impatience, but it may pay off to dig a little deeper to get the satisfaction that the product you (probably) paid for is working its way towards you.
  14. Da Introduction

    Hello, my name is Da - also known as Colonel Kimmers (Most likely gonna have to come up with something more realistic for my in-game persona). I was born and raised in Canada and I'm currently 17 years old. I've been some-what following Identity for around a year or so after hearing about its presence on social media along with various ArmA communities. I am so proud about the fact that Identity is being headquartered in Ottawa because I love my country. I was basically a born and raised PC gamer, started at the age of 3 when my family got our first desktop PC, at 9 I got my first laptop, at 13 I got my first personal PC, at 14 I got my second personal PC, and at 15 I got a new laptop and built my own PC for the first time. Although currently working in a retail store (some of which has me selling electronics), I'm also in a cooperative education program/side job at an internet service provider company that also has business in selling computer parts, 3d printers, LAN tournaments, and most things tech. I've taught myself programming (starting at Lua in grade 5, JavaScript (please don't hate me) in grade 8, Python later in that same yaer, and currently learning C++ and C# basics on my own time). I made a couple games for me and my school friends back in elementary school, but I wouldn't dare to share them with the world or put them in a portfolio. I would definitely be interested in creating mods for Identity if they come to a decision soon of mod support (however I doubt they will for a few years) but that would also depend on the language used. My experience with ArmA started at the age of 9 when my cousin got me a copy of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and I was absolutely amazed by the engine and everything in it. After experimenting with game modes like Paintball, Capture the Island, I found that Life Sims were the most fun because of how close you can get with the community. Once I discovered ArmA 2, I immediately sank a thousand hours total in Takistan Life along with Island Life. I've been apart of many communities throughout the years and my favourite part about it is getting to know everyone. I plan on getting my CCNA, A+, and MCSA certifications soon in 2019. My love for computer science has evolved more into a love of computer engineering; not just building computers but more of servers and networking them together. Although I've got no plans of setting up a private server (seems like there is too much competition assuming most of them actually have the hardware/services and aren't relying on the charity of others - I would rather be a player to enjoy the game than manage a community, but that may change depending how 'into it' I get with this game) I would definitely like to see how my Dell R710 with 2 Xeon E5660s and 48GB of ram handle a full server. When the game is officially released, I'd like to start an in-game business that has something relating to tech because I'd probably would never be able to do it in real life. Or maybe I'd make meth. Whatever comes first. However in the meanwhile, I look forward to meeting all of you in the Town Square module and I am definitely looking to make some friends to play with in the North America East Coast region. Feel free to approach me if you see me in game, I'd definitely love to get to know you and have a good time together. If you any of you guys would like to reach out to me/make plans together for the upcoming module(s); Steam: Discord: Da Best#0032
  15. Medical System - A comprehensive Look

    I for one am a fan of this system, and I know some ArmA 3 mods (although maybe not as far to this extent) has some-what realistic medical systems. I'd definitely buff players like most games do though (however, this could also encourage the use of bodyarmour/protective gear). Being able to die too easily/quickly causes a lot of people to have frustration and blame their own incompetence on the game's mechanics. If it does not end up in the base game, I'd definitely like to see it as a mod on a private server. However unfortunately they don't have a stance on mods yet, and may not come to one years until after the release.